Hey vs Apple | Our Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson

Hey vs Apple, will Hey add calendar, how does Hey compare to Superhuman… We answer all these questions in our Q&A with founder David Heinemeier Hansson (@DHH) on Twitter. This was a fun conversation and worth watching for both email service fans and business owners. Get http://hey.com/ here.

00:00 - Interview start 00:02 - Introduction to DHH 01:06 - Hey vs Apple 03:48 - Apple Mail? 05:42 - Win against Apple? 06:01 - Email apps die, will Hey survive? 09:20 - Money theory of Hey 09:34 - Hey Numbers 10:28 - Versus Superhuman 15:49 - What you learnt since launch? 19:58 - Do you see calendar come to Hey? 22:02 - A message to the community 23:02 - Will I be able to get my hey.com email?

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