Simon Usherwood: Keynote – Why is Brexit so difficult?

Simon Usherwood, University of Surrey, at ‘Brexit: Causes, Conduct, Consequences’, an international workshop at the University of Göttingen, 10/11 September 2019.

Brexit has been dominating British politics since the summer of 2016, that is for more than three years. As the UK is undergoing perhaps the last extension of the Article 50 procedure, this workshop aimed to take a step back and take a broader view on the process in order to bring the various perspectives on the phenomenon into a dialogue.

In looking at the causes, conduct and consequences of Brexit, we brought together specialists for each of these areas with two goals: to on the one hand obtain a comprehensive picture of the process by which the UK first decided to leave the UK and then tried to implement that decision; on the other hand for the different perspectives to provide a potential for cross-fertilization.

The workshop was organised and funded by the Chair of Comparative Political Economy, Dept. of Political Science, University of Göttingen, Professor Andreas Busch, in cooperation with the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

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