COSINES PI - cosines-pi.ru - is the major event for all conference interpreters in the Russian booth. It attracted top professionals ranging from personal interpreters of the Russian and USSR Presidents (Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin) to the gurus of oral interpreting in various industries. Never ever in the new times in Russia there was such concentration of the service folks that saw the faces and heard the voices of the decision makers of the world from the times of the cold war to the new era or super computers, Google, iPhone and Tesla. This is going to be a thrilling event indeed for the students of the top University in Russia. More than 600 contestants have been registered already competing with each other through a special web application developed for the cause (www.cosines-pi.ru). “… it will cast the torch light on the outstanding talents in our profession and become the new center of gravity in Russia” writes Professor Marklen Konurbaev, the founder of COSINE PI. For more information please visit www.cosines-pi.ru

We are proud and honoured to present here the Public Lecture of Alexei Sadykov - a recognized master of diplomatic interpretation, an outstanding couch, commentator and a partisan of the profession. The lecture was delivered at Moscow State…

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