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  1. Stories are good, but do you need them?

    Adriene Lilly and Olivia Bradley-Skill Stories are good, but do you need them? [Saturday July 18th 2pm PT/5pm ET/10pm BST/11pm CET/ Sunday July 19th 7am Sydney]

    A talk with Adriene Lilly and Olivia Bradley-Skill about thinking in sound beyond storytelling. Where to listen to creative, experimental, genre-defying radio/podcast/audio arts and how to start thinking creatively about mixing.

    Olivia Bradley-Skill is the music director of WFMU, the longest running freeform station in the US, and a self-described "radio artist." She hosts the weekly three hour program Radio Ravioli on WFMU, which features improvised sound collage, music mixes, live performance, and thoughtful conversation.  

    Adriene Lilly is an independent sound designer and radio artist. She hosts the experimental travel series The Blind Tourist on WFMU, helps maintain the feed of LLtNS and has created sound experiments for a variety of audio programs.

    Pieces played for criticism purposes in this talk:


    Sol Rezza, Rooms in your mind

    Olivia's Show: Radio Ravioli Adriene's Show: The Blind Tourist

    Voice Centric (Narration, Monologue, Theater)

    Hearty White, Miracle Nutrition episode from January 24, 2019: Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White The Wrong Way to …

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  2. Rhythm is a Dancer: Timing and Structure in Audio

    Mira Burt-Wintonick and Cristal Duhaime Rhythm is a Dancer: Timing and Structure in Audio [Saturday July 11th 2pm PT/5pm ET/10pm BST/11pm CET/ Sunday July 12th 7am Sydney]

    Using examples from their own work, Mira Burt-Wintonick and Cristal Duhaime (Love Me, WireTap, Pen Pals) explain how they play with timing and rhythm in their storytelling, and the techniques they use to build tension, amp up humour, and control the emotional flow of a piece.

    The pieces we played excerpts from, in order (with Twitter handles of collaborators):

    What Can You Hear? (with @LeneBechS @cbcpodcasts)

    The Other Side (with @SE15Productions)

    The Cat and the Whippet (with @luolkowski @johncotrocois )

    WireTap "HyperQuench" (with @J_Goldstein @HowieChukwitz )

    To My Heart (with @MansoorAdayfi @sarahegeis )

    The Detonator (with @sarahegeis )

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    The core, categorized index will always be available for free, for any use


    Podcast Index LLC is a software developer focused partnership that provides tools and data to anyone who

    aspires to create new and exciting Podcast experiences without the heavy lifting of indexing,

    aggregation and data management


    The core Podcast Index is financed by its founders and stakeholders: Podcasters, Developers and


    Corporate interests and advertising are antithetical to our business

    Podcast Index LLC strives to grow by providing enhanced API services of value to developers and


    Mission and Goal

    Preserve podcasting as a platform for free speech

    Re-tool podcasting to a platform of value exchange that includes developers with podcasters and


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  4. Irreführende Teaser - Geld machen mit Empörung

    "Haben Sie den Text überhaupt gelesen?", ist oft die erste Reaktion, wenn Artikel-Teaser in sozialen Medien kritisch kommentiert werden. Die falsche Frage sei das, findet Marina Weisband. Denn der Anreißer sei längst ein eigenes Genre, das für sich stehe.

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  5. Introducing mmhmm

    Mmhmm is our latest All Turtles product, which we built to make video calls more efficient—and more fun. After our podcast’s summer hiatus, we’re eager to share how we spun out this product at breakneck speed during the pandemic. Mmhmm’s suite of tools make any Zoom or Google Meet something to look forward to, with beautiful backdrops and rooms, immersive recordings, and collaboration abilities. As Phil says, why try to just match IRL experiences when you could make them infinitely better?

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  6. Усович – белорусские протесты и русский стендап / вДудь

    Робот-пылесос Philips FC8796/01 SmartPro всего за 11990 р., предложение ограничено по времени:

    Утилизируй старую технику правильно:

    Ваня Усович


    0:00 Старт 0:52 Чем болеет Ваня Усович 3:19 История лени 9:29 Из-за чего он ушел с ТНТ?
    11:26 «Когда-то я считал количество девушек, с которыми переспал» 13:32 Старый кореш Дудя 17:35 Усович – оппозиционер. Как это получилось? 20:44 Претензии к Лукашенко 27:48 Квартира за 22 000 000 рублей 30:25 Сколько. Ты. Зарабатываешь 31:40 Корпораты - это классно 36:12 Как он покорил маму 37:14 Смерть 41:26 Соседи по району
    44:19 Правила пикапа
    48:22 Подруга Вани. Кто она? 53:57 Эх… Пропустите этот кусочек 57:34 Сейчас вы научитесь экономить на сюрпризах
    59:03 «В 90% эскортница родом с Украины». Че? 1:01:37 Топ-3 комика России 1:03:10 Еще один супергерой русского юмора 1:05:58 Сколько. Ты. Читаешь 1:09:28 Объяснительная от Вани Усовича 1:12:23 Путин или Лукашенко 1:14:23 КОНКУРС

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  7. Medienmagazin - Innovation (2)

    [00:00] INTRO: Letzte Radiofolge “Was mit Medien” | [02:17] Innovationsgespräch (1) mit Stefan Raue und Sandro Schröder | [11:45] Innovationsgespräch (2) | [22:46 ] Innovationsgespräch (3) | [44:06] Innovationsgespräch (4) | [50:40] Bonus: 10 Jahre Deutschlandradio #r1MM 03.01.2004 | [1:00:36] Bonus: Sendestart Dradio Wissen #r1MM 16.01.2010 | [1:26:21] Bonus: Sender-Wechsel “Was mit Medien” 2012 | [1:29:17] Bonus: Stefan Raue zum Intendanten gewählt #r1MM 10.06.2017

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