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  1. Words and war: The role of the linguist in conflict resolution | Pursuit by The University of Melbourne

    Language can divide, but it is also key to uniting people. Professor Jo Lo Bianco from the University of Melbourne works in conflict zones, including Myanmar.

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  2. SWR2 Wissen über Mikrophone - Einstieg ins Podcasting - Sendegate

    In diesem Beitrag wird wirklich ganz toll erklärt welche Mikrophone es gibt und sie funktionieren:

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  3. Breitband - Sprich! Mit! Mir!

    Medien und digitale Kultur – immer samstags, 13:05 im Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Links, Texte, Dossiers, Podcasts und alle Beiträge der Radiosendung zum Nachhören.

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  4. 597: One Last Thing Before I Go

    Stories in which ordinary people make last ditch efforts to get through to their loved ones.

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  5. Menschen und Geschichten hinter den Stolpersteinen – immer & endlich

    Diese Podcast-Folge erzählt von den Menschen und Geschichten hinter den Stolpersteinen:

    Gunter Demnig erinnert mit seinem Kunstprojekt an die Opfer des NS-Regimes.

    Michael Friedrichs-Friedländer ist Bildhauer und fertigt die Steine.

    Rosemarie Merino und ihr Enkel Nicholas sind aus den USA nach Berlin gereist, um hier einen Stolperstein für ihre Großmutter – beziehungsweise Ururgroßmutter – zu verlegen.

    (Ein kleiner Hinweis: Das Gespräch mit Rosemarie und Nicholas Merino habe ich auf Englisch geführt.)


    Weitere Infos zur Folge:Website des Stolpersteine-ProjektsWikipedia-Artikel zu den Stolpersteinen

    Musik: Inner Light von Kevin MacLeod, Ether von Silent Partner, March of the Mind von Kevin MacLeod

    Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle an:

    Gunter Demnig, Michael Friedrichs-Friedländer, Rosemarie Merino, Nicholas Merino und Andreas Damerius. Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Zeit!

    05 Tot ist nur, wer vergessen wird – Menschen und Geschichten hinter den Stolpersteinen


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  6. The Talk Show With Special Guest Craig Federighi

    The Talk Show

    ‘200: Episode CC’, With Special Guest Craig Federighi

    Friday, 15 September 2017

    Very special guest Craig Federighi returns to the show to talk about Face ID, the perils of live demos, Apple’s approach to designing the iPhone X, privacy, security, and more.

    Download MP3.

    Sponsored exclusively by:

    DuckDuckGo: The search engine that doesn’t track you. Learn more about search privacy and “private/incognito” mode in DuckDuckGo’s report.


    This week’s keynote address.

    More on the Face ID demo glitch.

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.

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  7. What Hillary Clinton really thinks

    Hillary Clinton’s theory of politics is unfashionable, but she doesn’t care.

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    On page 239 of What Happened, Hillary Clinton reveals that she almost ran a very different campaign in 2016. Before announcing for president, she read Peter Barnes’s book With Liberty and Dividends for All, and became fascinated by the idea of using revenue from shared natural resources, like fossil fuel extraction and public airwaves, alongside revenue from taxing public harms, like carbon emissions and risky financial practices, to give every American “a modest basic income.” Her ambitions for this idea were expansive, touching on not just the country’s economic ills but its political and spiritual ones. “Besides cash in people’s pockets,” she writes, “it would be also be a way of making every American feel more connected to our country and to each other.” This is the kind of transformative vision that Clinton was often criticized for not having. It’s an idea bigger than a wall, perhaps bigger even than single-payer health care or free college. But she couldn’t make the numbers work. Every version of the plan she tried either raised taxes too high or slashed essential programs. So she scrapped it. “That was the responsible decision,” she writes. But after the 2016 elect…

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  8. ‘Hunkering Down’ With The Language Of Natural Disasters - The Leonard Lopate Show - WNYC

    Ben Zimmer, Wall Street Journal language columnist, on the language of natural disasters.

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  9. Query #10: Poor Little Side Button - Relay FM

    Live from Cupertino, Serenity calls in to answer the biggest questions from Apple’s iPhone X keynote.

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  10. Der politische Kampf um die Sprache | Wissen | SWR2 |

    Im politischen Deutschland tobt ein Kampf um die Sprache. Während Grüne gerne "gendergerecht" sprechen, empört sich die AfD über "politische Korrektheit" - und versucht selbst, mit Wörtern Politik zu machen.

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