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  2. The War On Cars Podcast - Pilot Episode

    The War On Cars, a new podcast from Sarah Goodyear (@buttermilk1), Doug Gordon (@BrooklynSpoke), and Aaron Naparstek (@Naparstek). Produced by Curts Fox. Music by Nathaniel Goodyear.

    In this pilot episode, we discuss why the world needs a War on Cars and ask if tech—and more specifically tech companies—can save our cities from the car. Are e-scooters, Lyft buses, and self-driving Ubers running through Elon Musk’s tunnels the wave of the future, or are they a harbinger of dystopia?

    Original video:
    Downloaded by on Fri, 17 Aug 2018 13:04:46 GMT Available for 30 days after download

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  3. Roderick on the Line vs. THREES

    John Roderick and Merlin Mann’s exclusive interview with Asher Vollmer, creator of the diabolical iOS game, Threes.

    —Huffduffed by alexussery

  4. White Haze | This American Life

    Right-wing groups like the Proud Boys say they have no tolerance for racism or white supremacist groups. Their leader Gavin McInnes disavowed the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

    —Huffduffed by alexussery

  5. Episode 2 - Only Child written by John Hodgman | Maximum Fun


    Dead Pilots Society


    John Hodgman


    Janet Varney


    John Ross Bowie


    Abe Chabon


    Mark Gagliardi


    Josh Malina


    Adam Savage


    Sage Ryan


    Hal Lublin


    Ben Acker


    John Roderick


    Samantha Sadoff


    Abby Wait

    In this episode of Dead Pilots Society, Ben Blacker interviews John Hodgman (The Daily Show, Pitch Perfect 2, Married, Ragnorak) regarding his dead pilot, Only Child.This episode was recorded live from San Francisco Sketchfest 2016. Along with John’s interview, you’ll also listen to a never-before-heard live table read of Only Child performed by some of today’s funniest comedic actors like:

    John Hodgman as John Hodgman, Janet Varney as Bridget and Mom, John Ross Bowie as Dad, Abe Chabon as Miles, Mark Gagliardi as Ed, Simon, and Basoonist, Josh Malina as Alex and Dr. Horchow, Adam Savage as Paul, Sage Ryan as Tim Fitch, Hal Lublin as Coach Mac, Ben Acker as CJ, John Roderick as Dr. Mister, Samantha Sadoff as Tina, and Abby Wait as Posie. Stage directions read by Andrew Reich.

    For more Dead Pilot Society episodes, please subscribe to the podcast! Make sure to like us at, follow us on Instagram @deadpilotspod, on twitter, and visit our website at Thanks for listening!

    —Huffduffed by alexussery

  6. Cold War Kids - Saint John (Feat. Mos Def)

    Original video:
    Downloaded by on Wed, 12 Oct 2016 23:55:52 GMT Available for 30 days after download


    Tagged with music

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  7. Cars and Our Cities: An Interview with Jeff Speck

    In this episode, Jeff Speck, author of "Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time", shares his insights on the relation between cars and our cities.

    Original video:
    Downloaded by on Wed, 12 Oct 2016 12:38:54 GMT Available for 30 days after download

    —Huffduffed by alexussery

  8. Bon Appetit Episode 79: Aaron Franklin, Brisket God

    Can you even have a food podcast without chatting with Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ in Austin? Well, we finally got him on the show to talk brisket, of course. Plus, a fun segment about the growing edibles industry(yes, really) in Portland, Oregon.

    Original video:
    Downloaded by on Mon, 03 Oct 2016 16:36:49 GMT Available for 30 days after download

    —Huffduffed by alexussery

  9. Electric Shadow 34: Attack on the Death Star

    A small group of fans spent almost half a decade restoring the original

    Star Wars (in HD) from 35mm film prints. They don’t want to make money off

    of it. They don’t want their names publicized. They just want the work to

    be done. This is their fascinating story, as told by "Mr. Black".

    Brought to you by

    • Comic Bento, the original graphic novel subscription box. Save $5

    using ELECTRIC at checkout.

    • Mack Weldon, bringing science fiction-level magic to your underwear

    drawer. Save 20% using ELECTRIC at checkout.

    • Visiting our sponsors and passing along their offers to friends and

    loved ones makes it possible to keep producing our shows.

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  10. Scruffy Thinkin - Chasing Wildebeests w/ Stu Maschwitz and Merlin Mann

    —Huffduffed by alexussery

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