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  1. Bam Bam — Bags packed

    Part time rapper, part time breakdancer, full time ninja. Meet Bam Bam. It's been a massive year for Bam Bam. From Supporting 360 nationally on his sold out 'Flying Tour', to attracting one of the biggest crowds of the day at the Sprung Festival side stage, Bam Bam is showing no sign of slowing down. After the success of his mixtapes 'Straight Outta Bedrock' and 'Miwk Hawk' stacking up over 30,000 downloads, Bam Bam has finally begun work on his solo album. 'Bags Packed' ft Allday, is the first taste of what's to come. Enjoy. Twitter/Instagram: @bedrockbam_

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  2. JaysWays — Mirrors

    I am a 16 year old unsigned EDM producer from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I write and produce electronic music, then I do the artwork for it and independently release it, then I share it on the internet and hope that people will listen to it. Currently have two albums self-released on iTunes/Bandcamp: Follow me on Soundcloud: Like me on Facebook:

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  3. Marsianer in Grover’s Mill! - Die wundersame Welt der Medienfakes | Freistil | Deutschlandfunk

    Halloween 1938 trauten die Radiohörer ihren Ohren kaum: Live berichtete ein Reporter von der Landung eines Flugobjektes vom Mars. Seine Reportage endete mit der Beschreibung eines Feuerstrahls, mit Todesschreien, dann bricht die Leitung ab. Mit der Radioadaption von H.G. Wells 'Krieg der Welten' löste Orson Welles in Amerika panische Reaktionen aus.

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