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  1. Time (Priority) Management - Part 2 (Hall Of Fame Guidance) | Manager Tools

    Today, we cover the second in a two-part series of podcasts on Time Management.

    If you’re new to the show or you didn’t listen to last week’s podcast, it’s probably worth while going back and listening to the previous show first.

    Otherwise, you’ll be joining the conversation half-way through and we all know how comfortable that feels.


    We recommend 4 1/2 steps to analyzing your use of time

    Roughly Assess Your Time - absolutely no materials other than pen and paper allowed!

    Capture Your Priorities

    Do a Rough Analysis

    (part b, only for the truly committed) - Do a "Drucker" Analysis

    Put Your Number One Priority on Your Calendar

    That’s it!

    We walked through steps 1 and 2 last week, today we cover the remainder.

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  2. Time (Priority) Management - Part 1 (Hall Of Fame Guidance) | Manager Tools

    Time management is a fallacy, we like to say.

    Time doesn’t need you to "manage" it - it’s been getting along just fine without you for billions of years.

    We can’t manage time.

    But what we CAN manage is what we do with that time.

    And yet, the overwhelming evidence is that managers do NOT "manage what they do with that time."

    There’s a shocking CHASM between our behavior in this area and our knowledge of what to do.

    In fact, Mark recently blogged on how busy everyone says they are, which irritates him.

    He looks at their calendars, and there’s no EVIDENCE that they’re busy.

    There are vast swaths of unscheduled time!

    Peter Drucker, in the first prescriptive chapter of his seminal work, the Effective Executive, says it best (of course): "The output limits of any process are set by the scarcest resource.

    In the process we call "accomplishment", this is time … Of the other major resources, money is actually quite plentiful … People … one can hire.

    But one cannot rent, hire, buy or otherwise obtain more time."

    So, the question is, how can managers start to become more efficient about using the time that each of us has at our disposal?

    In fact, that’s a great way to state it:

    STOP disposing of your time!

    It’s not only your most precious resource, it’s also your most perishable!

    This cast will get you started doing just that.

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  3. 3: Libido of a Salesman

    Adam Lisagor, Guy English, and John Gruber talk about the blurring lines between marketing and entertainment, the death of "what’s on" content, and Jackass’ magnum opus. Interview excerpt: Richard Dreyfuss (available uncut as Screen Time 56). (Part 1 of 2)SPONSORSTransporter: personal cloud storage that lives in your house. Use offer code ELECTRIC75 (before 3/14/2014) for 25% off Transporter Sync at FileTransporter.comIgloo: try an intranet that you’ll actually like using. It’s free for up to ten users, and affordable beyond that. Click here to support the show, and sign up for their free SXSW event on 3/12 from 3:30-6:30pmPANELISTSAdam Lisagor (twitter) makes ads that are so engaging and fun that you forget they’re ads (because they’re engaging and fun). Guy English (twitter) should get to seeing Bad Grandpa when he isn’t blogging.John Gruber (twitter) is Daring Fireball and its commentary track, The Talk Show, as well as 1/3 of Q-Branch, who make Vesper.SHOWNOTESHouse of Cards is becoming one of the biggest broadcast shows on top of redefining what a "broadcast show" is with ripped-from-headlines subject matter.Home Box Office was such a revolutionary idea then that it’s weird they still feel shackled to "traditional" cable. Meanwhile, WWE is going the other direction.David Lynch on iPhone movie-watching, Kevin Spacey and Johnny Knoxville on The Daily Show.The studios used to own the movie theaters.Netflix’s first "original" series was Lilyhammer, but unlike House of Cards, they didn’t greenlight or produce (and therefore own) it.Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (trailer) is a much better movie than you may assume. One nutjob on the panel thinks it’s one of the best American movies in years.Enlisted makes a surprising ratings leap week-over-week thanks to DVR.Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is one of our favorite TV shows not on TV.Farmed and Dangerous is propaganda designed to be entertaining. The Guardian looks at their decision to go in the direction of ecosystem marketing. Would Super Size Me have worked with a company logo slapped on it (or was that the question Spurlock tried to answer with POM Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold)?Amazon devoured the UK’s Lovefilm whole last week and announced a new season of original series Alpha House, even though John Goodman has no idea how to tell people to go watch it, but no one knows how many people actually watched the first one. Gary Trudeau is taking a hiatus from Doonesbury to focus on this.Transparent sounds really good.

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  4. Interview with “Linchpin” author, Seth Godin

    43 Folders - Interview with "Linchpin" author, Seth Godin (audio mp3, free on iTunes) I talk with Seth Godin, whose new book, Linchpin (Kindle, Hardcover, Worldcat, ISBN), comes out today. Topics include, "The Lizard Brain," Bob

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