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  1. The Incomparable | It’s Not a Draft: Our 2014 Favorites (Episode 228)

    Show Notes & Links

    Jason likes to draft things

    He’s obsessed with drafting things

    All the things will be drafted eventually

    It’ll culminate

    In a draft draft where the biggest and the best drafts will be drafted


    The SNL draft went off the rails

    Before Jason did the intro spot

    “I can’t believe you’re giving me ‘The Robot’”


    The word “youngling” is redundant

    “Young” means one thing and “-ling” means the same thing

    Space children

    What up, my young-youngs?

    The douche commercial

    I don’t like sand

    Everything here is smooth

    Don’t forget, don’t ever forget

    To couple it with a caress

    “This is such a turn on”

    And for his encore

    He rides a pig cow and he falls off

    The capering, oh, the capering

    Here’s Beru! You guys like Beru!

    Doo Watto ditty doo Watto doo

    Serenity struggles to form complete sentences

    About Padme and Anakin

    And lo, Merlin did walk

    Along the road with no shoulder

    And verily

    He did find

    He found the McDonalds

    And he brought some back

    He brought it back to his family

    Steve picks Ben

    Picking Listener Etienne

    Picking Steve picking Laurie, Janis, and Chad

    Picking Steve picking Skeletor

    Does the WOPR have a moral code?

    I know the sound of an Imperial Probe

    Butter Zone and the Shame Hole


    Brianna hates the whale

    The Mean Woody angle

    Apply liberal

    amounts of handwavium to your head canon



    Kiki’s flying on a broomstick

    And she has a cat

    Now she’s over a town

    Which is a place where people live


    She’s encountering problems

    With weather and other witches


    Here come some seagulls

    Watch out for the poop Kiki

    What up, my young-youngs?

    Skeletors all the way down - Nathan Gouwens

    Skeletor! - Alex Chan

    —Huffduffed by alexp