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  1. Episode 210: Stefan Tilkov on Architecture and Micro Services : Software Engineering Radio

    Episode 210: Stefan Tilkov on Architecture and Micro Services

    Micro services is an emerging trend in software architecture that focuses on small, lightweight applications as a means to avoid large, unmaintainable, monolithic systems. This approach allows for individual technology stacks for each component and more resilient systems. Micro services uses well-known communication schemes such as REST but also require new technologies for the implementation. Methodologies like the Twelve-Factor App provide a set of rules for the deployment and operation of such systems. Teams take care of several of those services and deal with separate business domains to make the best use of Conway’s Law. These business domains provide a more coarse-grained software architecture.

    In this episode, Stefan Tilkov discusses these new approaches as well as their benefits and drawbacks with Eberhard Wolff. Stefan is CEO and Principal Consultant at innoQ in Germany. He works as a software architect and is a well-known speaker at international conferences. More recently, he has joined Software Engineering Radio as a host.

    Recording Venue: JAX conference, Mainz, Germany

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