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  1. Kubecon 2017 Pancake Podcast: All About the Service Mesh

    Last week, at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Kubecon 2017, much of the buzz seemed to be around service meshes, with everyone curious as to why they needed one now that they've installed the Kubernetes open source container orchestration engine. The topic brought a SRO audience to our pancake podcast panel discussion on the topic at the event, which we captured for your listening please on this latest episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast.

    The event proved to be a popular one, as people packed the room in order to hear more about the technology from our panel, which was moderated by TNS founder Alex Williams:

    Borys Pierov, National Center for Biotechnology Information, DevOps tech lead William Morgan, Buoyant, CEO. Kris Nova, Heptio, advocacy boss Joab Jackson, The New Stack, news editor

    On this very morning, Buoyant launched Conduit, its next generation service mesh developed specifically for Kubernetes.  It instantly joined the list of emerging service mesh contenders for this nascent market, alongside of Lyft's Envoy, Istio and Buoyant's own Linkerd.

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