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  1. 74: One Of Us Shipped Something

    • Follow-up:
      • Showbot status and pull requests
      • Older phones still being bought today, like the iPhone 4S
        • Long-term device limitations and upgradeability, RAM, spinning disks, and Mac/iOS purchasing strategies
        • Vindictive but self-defeating defections
      • Screen size, small hands, and pants/trousers/jeans/khakis/whatevertheyrecalled.
        • Silver Screen Queens Podcast
        • CGP Grey
      • 4K Plasma TVs, as pointed out by Awax, which lists for $500K
    • Overcast has shipped!
      • Planning for server load and timing a release in the App Store
      • Why require user accounts, and why not iCloud?
      • Why freemium?
      • What took so long? Why no streaming? Why does that even matter?
      • IRL Talk
      • RSSRadio
      • ARM SIMD Extensions
      • AltiVec
      • Features users will hopefully appreciate
      • Linking to other independent podcast apps
        • Some serious dedication on Hacker News
        • Posted after we recorded: Castro’s response
      • Podcast directory design motivations
    • Possible web-hosting on an A7-based Apple TV like at Mac Mini Vault
    • After-show:
      • John gets Hypercritical about Overcast
      • Electric Shadow
      • Back to Work

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  2. 12: Accidental Server Hardware - Accidental Tech Podcast

    • FU on Apple’s tick-tock pattern.
    • Marco’s PHP framework and sponsor-tracking web app, and why both exist.
    • Usability and security implications of passwordless login systems.
    • The Mac Mini’s seemingly accidental success.
    • Podcasters who hate the word "podcast", its quality connotation, efforts to invent alternative names, and barriers to entry.
    • Brent Simmons’ 30 Minutes To Sync proposal.
    • Building web services on Apple’s infrastructure.

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  3. iOS 7 Deforestation - The Talk Show - Mule Radio Syndicate

    Special guest Marco Arment joins John Gruber to discuss reports of iOS 7’s new system-wide appearance and where Apple might be heading stylistically; Microsoft’s scrapping of the “Hotmail” brand and their generally inscrutable branding as a company; Google and personal privacy, particularly as it relates to Google Glass and Google Now’s location tracking.

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  4. The Crossover #1: You Just Got Curated

    This week Dan is joined by Merlin Mann and Marco Arment to discuss living on forums, what is the best way for a site to handle comments, being part of an online community, losing control of that community, the valuable discussions to be had, online curating, and the pros and cons of ranking and up voting.

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