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  1. ‘The Smoker Channels’, With Merlin Mann

    Very special guest Merlin Mann returns to the show to talk about Comcast customer service, cable-cutting, Marlins Man (no relation) and his showboating-spectator predecessors, and the state of podcasting today. Also: daylight saving time and Roman numerals.

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  2. 5by5 | Back to Work #184: Days of Bathrooms Past

    TOPIC: Is there anything else you want to tell me?

    This week, Dan and Merlin discuss what bathrooms can teach us about learning, expertise, and empathy.

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  3. The Crossover #1: You Just Got Curated

    This week Dan is joined by Merlin Mann and Marco Arment to discuss living on forums, what is the best way for a site to handle comments, being part of an online community, losing control of that community, the valuable discussions to be had, online curating, and the pros and cons of ranking and up voting.

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  4. 5by5 Specials #4: Kindacritical

    Dan Benjamin is joined by Merlin Mann and Marco Arment for a very special show. In this Hypercritical-like episode, the trio discuss a wide-range of topics, from Google to Apple to software development, and the relationship between consumers and the companies that serve them. And sodastreams.

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  5. 5by5 | Back to Work #49: The Area of Completion

    5by5 - Back to Work #49: The Area of Completion

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  6. It’s Never Not Everywhere (5by5 | Back to Work #37)

    This week, Merlin loves and hates iCloud while loving and REALLY loving Dropbox. He and Dan observe angry corn, discuss emailing files to yourself, wonder what to do with an ugly photo, and explore Mr. Noodle’s brother, Mr. Noodle.

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  7. I’m Not Working in an Abattoir (Back to Work #30)

    "With Dan on sabbatical, Merlin is joined by Jonathan Coulton to talk about traveling, horn sections, and Jonathan’s new album, Artificial Heart."

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  8. The Marketplace of Ideas: “We Have Ham Radios: Merlin Mann on media, fear, and caring about what you make”

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  9. How You Can Tell Your Email is Not Project Runway

    Excerpt from Merlin Mann’s forthcoming book, “Inbox Zero”. Read by Alex.


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  10. The Conversation #27: Missionless Statements

    In this special episode, Dan Benjamin talks with two of his heroes, Merlin Mann and Jeff Veen about independence, free thinking, productivity, and changing your game.

    Jeffrey Veen Jeffrey Veen is the founder of Typekit, one of the founding partners of Adaptive Path, and the co-creator of Measure Map, the web analytics tool acquired by Google in 2006. After five years with Adaptive Path, Jeff moved on to Google, where he lead the redesign of their Analytics product and managed their web apps UX team.

    Merlin created 43 Folders, co-hosts You Look Nice Today, appears on MacBreak Weekly, and speaks and consults about things like email, time & attention, and creative work. Merlin also created Inbox Zero, the Hipster PDA, the Procrastination Dash, and more.

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