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  1. 74: One Of Us Shipped Something

    • Follow-up:
      • Showbot status and pull requests
      • Older phones still being bought today, like the iPhone 4S
        • Long-term device limitations and upgradeability, RAM, spinning disks, and Mac/iOS purchasing strategies
        • Vindictive but self-defeating defections
      • Screen size, small hands, and pants/trousers/jeans/khakis/whatevertheyrecalled.
        • Silver Screen Queens Podcast
        • CGP Grey
      • 4K Plasma TVs, as pointed out by Awax, which lists for $500K
    • Overcast has shipped!
      • Planning for server load and timing a release in the App Store
      • Why require user accounts, and why not iCloud?
      • Why freemium?
      • What took so long? Why no streaming? Why does that even matter?
      • IRL Talk
      • RSSRadio
      • ARM SIMD Extensions
      • AltiVec
      • Features users will hopefully appreciate
      • Linking to other independent podcast apps
        • Some serious dedication on Hacker News
        • Posted after we recorded: Castro’s response
      • Podcast directory design motivations
    • Possible web-hosting on an A7-based Apple TV like at Mac Mini Vault
    • After-show:
      • John gets Hypercritical about Overcast
      • Electric Shadow
      • Back to Work

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  2. 12: Accidental Server Hardware - Accidental Tech Podcast

    • FU on Apple’s tick-tock pattern.
    • Marco’s PHP framework and sponsor-tracking web app, and why both exist.
    • Usability and security implications of passwordless login systems.
    • The Mac Mini’s seemingly accidental success.
    • Podcasters who hate the word "podcast", its quality connotation, efforts to invent alternative names, and barriers to entry.
    • Brent Simmons’ 30 Minutes To Sync proposal.
    • Building web services on Apple’s infrastructure.

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