Understanding Blockchain (Ft. The Blockchain Socialist)

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A podcast featuring The Blockchain Socialist (TBS) discussing the pros and cons of blockchain technology and misconceptions about cryptocurrency. We critique libertarian narratives about Bitcoin, banking, and Web 3 mythology. After interrogating the problems of the crypto world and addressing the problems with Bitcoin and Ethereum , TBS tells us about the ways in which cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can be used by leftist activists and the role it could play in a sociality society.

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TIMESTAMP 0:00 Intro 1:40 What is Cryptocurrency actually? 7:30 Bitcoin vs Ethereum 15:45 Bitcoin vs US Dollar myth 22:32 Bitcoin and the Environment 27:00 The Decentralization myth 31:20 Cryptocurrency is not a monetary system 35:32 How the Left can Benefit from Blockchain 37:53 Crypto vs Imperialist Sanctions 48:40 Funding Leftist Orgs 59:00 Other Positive Uses of Blockchain 1:05:38 Co-operatives 1:12:32 Mutual Credit Systems 1:19:48 Blockchain Democracy…

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