Cautionary Tales: MDMA & MDA in Psychotherapy — A Talk with Richard Yensen and Donna Dryer (1 of 2)

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Allegations have recently been publicized about ethical breaches of a sexual nature involving Richard Yensen, Donna Dryer, and a MAPS Canada MDMA for PTSD phase 2 research participant.

"This is the talk where Richard told a room full of CIIS students that male therapists needed a female therapist in the room with them and recounted a story about being unable to handle the sexual energy of a patient and his supervisor having to step in and stop the session."

MAPS has recently claimed that "MAPS has policies in place that forbid sexual relationships between therapists and patients. There was no prior indication that Richard Yensen or Donna Dryer would violate this policy."

Does that raise questions for you?

Original event description

Examine the unique properties that make MDMA and MDA promising candidates for adjuncts to psychotherapy clinical experience. Dr. Yensen and Dr. Dryer will discuss the shortcomings of compounds that affect judgment as therapy aids through the insights gained from their 45 years of experience with these drugs in research psychotherapy settings. This discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of these compounds includes case histories.

The unique property of the family of drugs including MDMA and MDA is t…

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