Erik Davis and Michael Taft - The Promises and Perils of Hacking Consciousness

From January 28th, 2020 at SF Dharma Collective

The modern world is seeing unparalleled growth in the desire and potential to alter and transform human consciousness. Through the mass global distribution of ancient tools like meditation and psychedelics, and developments in new transformative technologies like advanced biofeedback, brain stimulation and VR, there exists a real potential for people to awaken on a scale never before seen.

And yet, why has technology not lived up to its promise, and humanity seems more asleep, distracted and disconnected from one another than ever before? Clearly something is not working. Who or what is to blame?

Join Erik Davis and Michael Taft, two modern-day wizards of countercultural spiritual geekery, for this special Consciousness Hacking event as they attempt to weave together the different cultural and spiritual threads that form the complex tapestry of the modern "technocultures of consciousness.” They will discuss the history that brought us to this moment, the unique merging of psychedelics, Eastern Spirituality, experimental psychology, and modern technology that began in the 60s and 70s, and what happened when this beautiful vision ultimately had to reckon with the implacable power of American capitalism. Bringing a critical eye to the current landscape and our vision …

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