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  1. #221: How We Got Here with Cory Doctorow - Changelog

    Cory Doctorow joined us this week to talk about open source, the open web, and internet freedom. Cory is a science fiction author, activist, journalist, co-editor of Boing Boing and the author of many books.

    We produced this episode in partnership with O’Reilly Media and OSCON London 2016. Use the code changelog30 to get 30% off registration. We talked with Cory about his involvement with the EFF and where he began his career, details he’ll be covering in his keynote at OSCON, and his thoughts on open source today and where developers should be focusing their efforts.

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    Linode – Our cloud server of choice! Use the code changelog20 to get 2 months free!

    Show notes and links

    Cory Doctorow (@doctorow) on Twitter

    Cory Doctorow’s (Cory’s Literary Works)

    Boing Boing

    Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

    Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) on GitHub

    How you got here: Cory Doctorow’s OSCON London Keynote

    Ulysses Pact on Wikipedia

    American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

    Have comments? Send a tweet to @Changelog on Twitter.Subscribe to Changelog Weekly – our weekly email covering everything that hits our open source radar.


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  2. Moved Temporarily

    This week I talk to Gordon White, former "weird kid", proprietor of the popular Rune Soup podcast and blog. Gordon is also a documentarian, world traveler, digital strategist and practicing magician. He’s the author of three books that came out in the last year or so: Star.Ships, which we discuss in this podcast; The Chaos Protocols, which takes a heterodox view of how to handle the post-financial crash economy; and Pieces of Eight, a personal history of the Chaos Magic movement.

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  3. Mindrolling -Ep. 160 - Buddhist Geeks with Vincent Horn

    Raghu gets the opportunity to chat with new found friend Vincent Horn, host of the Buddhist Geeks podcast. They discuss the interplay of technology and spiritual experience. In what ways do the internet, smartphones, and emerging technologies affect our spiritual practice and how can we utilize them to their greatest potential?

    Vincent founded his podcast "Buddhist Geeks" and website "Meditate.IO" with the philosophy of taking a fresh approach to old practices. He and Raghu talk about this philosophy and what role they think technology and the internet have in the practice of spirituality. What are the potentials of our newfound interconnectivity via the internet and smartphones? How can they be used to foster a network of awakened individuals as opposed to separating and polarizing us? Listen as Vincent tells his vision of our "technodelic" future. Using technology as a teaching tool to bring us into altered states of consciousness and awarenes

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  4. Future Domestic Robots: Design Fiction and the Home of the Future

    Future Domestic Robots: Design Fiction and the Home of the Future Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tešanović September 9, 2016 Calit2 Auditorium, Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego

    Guest Speaker: Bruce Sterling, Sci-Fi writer and futurist and Jasmina Tešanović, writer, activist and film director

    Host: Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination


    An evening with Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tešanović, in which they will discuss two recent projects of speculative design. Jasmina Tešanović will discuss Casa Jasmina, a mix of lab, gallery space, and B&B in Turin, Italy, that aims to integrate traditional Italian skills in furniture and interior design with emergent skills in Italian open-source electronics as applied to “the internet of Things in the Home.” Bruce Sterling will discuss the upcoming installation for the Vitra Design Museum in Germany, which he and Jasmina have been in residence at the Clarke Center to incubate.

    Bruce Sterling (cyberpunk visionary, futurist, and design theorist) and Jasmina Tešanović (writer, activist, and filmmaker) are in residence at the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination collaborating with Sheldon Brown and the Clarke Center to create an installation for the Vitra Design Museum.


    Futurist, journalist, science-fiction author an…

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  5. Gordon White | Alien Ghosts, Animism, & Chaos Magic

    Join The Higherside Chats podcast as Greg Carlwood hosts returning guest Gordon White. As we know by now, the once widespread and celebrated activities of ritual dances, powerful enchantments, communal entheogenic exploration, peering through multi-dimensional window areas, imagination cultivation by the flickering glow of the campfire’s edge, and a whole grab bag of shamanic activities have largely faded to the brink obscurity.

    As a learned Wizard, curator of and author of three books, including Star.Ships, Chaos Protocols, and his most recent book Pieces of Eight: Chaos Magic Essays and Enchantments, it’s clear, now more than ever a resurgence of the magical perspective from Gordon White is needed. Back in the THC saddle for a sixth time and ready to ride the wave once again as he runs away with the title of "returning champion" Gordon joins Greg for another go round on the magical carousel.

    Want more Gordon White? Check out his website here. Looking for a guide to your magical worldview? Check out his books Star.Ships, Chaos Protocols, Pieces of Eight: Chaos Magic Essays and Enchantments or sign up for Gordon’s e-newsletter "The All Red Line". If you want to stay connected to The Higherside Chats, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, check out our YouTube channel, find us…

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  6. Joshua Browder on bots that fight bureaucracy

    The O’Reilly Bots Podcast: Can bots replace lawyers?In episode five of the O’Reilly Bots podcast, Pete Skomoroch and I speak with Joshua Browder, the 19-year old founder and CEO of DoNotPay, a series of bots that help people with legal issues, including challenging parking tickets, challenging bank charges, and claiming government assistance for homelessness. Dubbed “the world’s first robot lawyer,” his bots have attracted 260,000 users and provided 175,000 successful parking-ticket appeals.Browder will also be a featured speaker at O’Reilly Bot Day on October 19, 2016, in San Francisco.

    We discuss what happens when someone files a challenge through DoNotPay: the bot asks jurisdiction-based questions about the user’s specific circumstances, then goes through a decision tree to find the best possible defense, after which it creates a personalized challenge letter. We also cover the potential of these bots as replacements for lawyers; in fact, Browder is developing a legal platform that others can use to develop “lawyer bots.”

    Bot of the week

    Pete and I walk through some of the bots that Microsoft has released recently, including MurphyBot (“the robot with imagination”), which responds to hypothetical questions by delivering an image; Your Face, which analyzes a photo of your face and delivers an insult; and Summarize, which creates short summaries of articles. We also talk about How Old, last year’s precursor to Microsoft’s recent image-related bots.

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  7. David Steindl-Rast Reflects on a Life as a Benedictine Monk | To the best of our KNOWLEDGE

    "Religion always starts with mysticism," says David Steindl-Rast. Now 89, he’s been a Benedictine monk since 1953. Brother David was one of the first Roman Catholics to engage in dialogues between Christians and Buddhists. He tells Steve Paulson about the joys of life in the monastery.

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  8. Coffee RUn - F’n SAVAGE.

    bit of fun and coffee with Adam Savage! extra fun exhaust noise provided by Sharkwerks ;)

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  9. Kevin Kelly: The Next 30 Digital Years - The Long Now

    Digital is just getting started

    In Kevin Kelly’s view, a dozen “inevitable” trends will drive the next 30 years of digital progress.

    Artificial smartnesses, for example, will be added to everything, all quite different from human intelligence and from each other.

    We will tap into them like we do into electricity to become cyber-centaurs — co-dependent humans and AIs.

    All of us will need to perpetually upgrade just to stay in the game.

    Every possible display surface will become a display, and study its watchers.

    Everything we encounter, “if it cannot interact, it is broken.”

    Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) will become the next platform after smartphones, conveying a profound sense of experience (and shared experience), transforming education (“it burns different circuits in your brain”), and making us intimately trackable.

    “Everything that can be tracked will be tracked,” and people will go along with it because “vanity trumps privacy,” as already proved on Facebook.

    “Wherever attention flows, money will follow.”

    Access replaces ownership for suppliers as well as consumers.

    Uber owns no cars; AirBnB owns no real estate.

    On-demand rules.

    Sharing rules.

    Unbundling rules.

    Makers multiply.

    “In thirty years the city will look like it does now.

    We will have rearranged the flows, not the atoms.

    We will have a different idea of what a city is, and who we are, and how we relate to other people.”

    In the Q&A, Kelly was asked what worried him.

    “Cyberwar,” he said.

    “We have no rules.

    Is it okay to take out an adversary’s banking system?

    Disasters may have to occur before we get rules.

    We’re at the point that any other civilization in the galaxy would have a world government.

    I have no idea how to do that.”

    Kelly concluded: “We are at the beginning of the beginning—the first hour of day one.

    There have never been more opportunities.

    The greatest products of the next 25 years have not been invented yet.”

    “You are not late.”

           —Stewart Brand

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  10. Internet Tracking Has Moved Beyond Cookies | FiveThirtyEight

    Chances are you know you’re being tracked online. Most of us are at the point where we’re not surprised when an ad for something we searched for on one site app…

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