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  1. Skin care

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  2. The Generalist Approach to Exercise Programming

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  3. Gamers With Jobs Conference Call Spoiler Sections | Gamers With Jobs

    Over the years on the GWJ Conference Call we’ve done special Spoiler Sections where we talk about games in their entirety without fear ruining the plot. Below are the actual segments teased out from the main show and cataloged for your enjoyment. We’ll keeping adding to the list as we go!

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  4. #83 Dan John

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  5. Statskuppen i Chile

    Den 11 september 1973 genomför militären en statskupp i Chile och inleder en skoningslös jakt på diktaturens motståndare.

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  6. Rodney Versus Death - Radiolab

    What do you do in the face of a monstrous disease with a 100% fatality rate? In this short, a …

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  7. Dinopocalypse - Radiolab

    We’ve all heard the story of what happened on the day the dinosaurs died, right? Well, we thought we had. …

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  8. A. M. Homes reads Shirley Jackson - The New Yorker

    Hillary’s Demons

    The political novelist Thomas Mallon joins Dorothy Wickenden to discuss why Hillary Clinton would make a compelling protagonist, but Donald Trump wouldn’t.

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  9. Kjell Enhager 2015 7 juli 2015 kl 13:00 - Sommar & Vinter i P1 | Sveriges Radio

    FÖRELÄSARE, LEDARSKAPSKONSULT, GOLFINSTRUKTÖR. Ett program fullt med tänkvärda citat och positivt tänkande. Kjell Enhager bjuder på historier från sin …

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  10. SHR # 1156 :: The Role Of Metabolic Stress In Muscle Growth ::

    Guest: Brad Schoenfeld

    Schoenfeld is author of the new book The Max Muscle Plan as well as author of several Peer Reviewed papers on building

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