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  1. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, How Far Have We Actually Come

    Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s bonus episode of the Blind Tech Guys.On this episode, Nimer and Marco sat down with Mark Muscat and Dr. Scott Hollier for a chat on accessibility, WCAG, and whether we are moving in the right direction with making the web and PDF documents truly accessibl…

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  2. Optimize your process for decision-making, not dogma | Jeff Gothelf

    Earlier this year I held a webinar panel with Sense & Respond Press author Randy Silver about his new book, What do we do now?. On that panel was my former colleague Selena Hadzibabic who, today, is the vice president of product at The Knot Worldwide. During our discussion, Selena said something that caught my…

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  3. Trade expert Dmitry Grozoubinski & NFU Brussels director Robin Manning discuss trade deal objectives

    Trade expert Dmitry Grozoubinski & NFU Brussels director Robin Manning discuss the UK’s negotiating objectives for deals with the EU & US, & their implications for farmers

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  4. Brexit Breakdown podcast with Ian Dunt, Melanie Phillips and Anand Menon

    In this episode, our special guests include Ian Dunt, editor of, Melanie Phillips, columnist for The Times and Professor Anand Menon, director of The UK in a Changing Europe. They discuss what they have learned about Brexit over the past three years, the divide over social values in this country and what they expect will happen over the course of the trade negotiations this year.

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  5. JSJ 421: Semantic HTML with Bruce Lawson

    Bruce Lawson is an expert in and proponent of semantic HTML. After receiving some good natured ribbing, Bruce walks the panel through the benefits of semantic HTML. He provides several examples on how it’s used and in particular how it helps with other issues like accessibility and navigability on your websites.


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    Bruce Lawson



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    "The MaxCoders Guide to Finding Your Dream Developer Job" by Charles Max Wood is now available on Amazon. Get Your Copy Today!


    WebAIM: Web Accessibility In Mind

    The 4 minute business case for accessible online shopping


    AJ O’Neal:

    Better Mic Sound

    Canon T4i 650D

    Canon T5i Course

    Magic Lantern

    Filmic Pro & Promovie

    Aimee Knight: - Native image lazy-loading for the web!

    Charles Max Wood:

    Codineer - 100 days of Vue challenge

    Dan Shappir:

    Alex Russell - The Mobile Web: MIA

    Bruce Lawson Website

    Bruce Lawson:

    Taffy music band

    Follow Bruce on Twitter @brucel

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  6. ‎Cautionary Tales: You Have Reached Your Destination on Apple Podcasts

    ‎We may mock our ancestors for seeking the advice of oracles, soothsayers and psychics, but today we rely heavily on computer programs and math formulas to help us navigate our world. If we continue to follow them unthinkingly, should we be surprised when we end up in unexpected and dangerous places?…

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