16. Accessibility in Web Standards

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  1. Léonie Watson — The Good, The Bad, and The Interesting

    Vasilis: Right before a [role=drinks] meet up in Amsterdam I spoke with Léonie Watson. Leonie is an accessibility engineer, she is W3C web platform working group co-chair and she is a screen reader user among many many other things.

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  2. Computer Vision, with Léonie Watson

    In this episode we’re talking about computer vision, or “computers with eyes”. No Rosie, but we’re ably compensated by talking to rehab’s own Camille Bourdier and Zuzanna Rosinska. Plus special guest Léonie Watson of the Paciello Group joins us to talk about how computer vision aids accessibility and brings new opportunities to users with vision impairment.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/rehabstudio/computer-vision-with-leonie-watson
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  3. @AccessTalk | Podcast 9: New smart phones, 3D printers, mobile broadband & the Kindle Fire

    http://accesstalk.co.uk/2012/09/podcast-9-2/ The AccessTalk team dive straight in with the iPhone5 and iOS6, before chatting about the new Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows 8 Phone.

    As 3D printers get closer to becoming household items, Damon wonders what they could do for blind and partially sighted people. Kiran explains what’s in the Jaws 14 public beta, and the team speculate about the anticipated new feature Freedom Scientific is expected to reveal soon.

    Léonie dips into the virtual postbag for responses to Damon’s question about accessibility in the workplace. The team consider the challenges for big organisations, and Léonie recommends the Accessible Technology charter from the Employers Forum on Disability.

    The team chat about mobile broadband accessibility, and Léonie recommends Vodafone and O2 for roaming charges in Europe. Podcast 9 wraps up with a collective grumble about the poor accessibility of Amazon’s Kindle range, and a look at live audio description during the paralympics.

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  4. @AccessTalk | Podcast 11: Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus 4, HTML5 & the Trekker Breeze

    http://accesstalk.co.uk/2012/12/podcast-11/ The @AccessTalk team kick off with a look at Windows 8. Léonie explains why she’s in love with the new Microsoft Surface tablet, and Robin asks whether Microsoft can be forgiven for not including a screen reader in Windows Phone 8.

    The team discuss Window Eyes 8, and consider the future for the old school screen readers like Window Eyes and Jaws. Léonie talks about a new HTML5 feature that could make things easier for blind and partially sighted people, before Kiran and Robin happily discuss the Google Nexus 4 smart phone from LG.

    Léonie talks about the LG Magic Remote Control, then Kiran follows up with some great news about the Trekker Breeze from Humanware, before Léonie dips into the virtual postbag for listener’s emails.

    The team get interested in contactless payments, and Robin introduces VO Starter an app for helping people learn how to use VoiceOver.

    Robin asks Kiran and Léonie which gadgets they have on their Christmas wishlists. The team momentarily lose the plot over iOS6 maps and Heathrow terminal 5, and wrap up the show wondering where the promised Sendero GPS app might have got to.

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  5. AccessTalk Podcast 16: Apple iOS7, Sendero Seeing Eye, bluetooth speakers & goodies from the BBC


    The team get underway with a look at the Sendero Seeing Eye GPS app, and other solutions like Look Around and Blind Square. One of the team then confesses to never using Facebook, whilst the others consider the merits of third party applications like GWMicro SocialEyes and the VoiceBook VO app.

    Robin kicks off a discussion about the accessibility features in Apple iOS7, and Léonie wonders whether the new interface design will cause problems for partially sighted people. Kiran looks forward to iTunes Radio, but can’t think why the torch app is in such a prominent location in iOS7.

    Léonie gets very excited about Microsoft’s research into 3D tactile interfaces, before talking about the new BBC mobile accessibility guidelines. The team then happily discuss the brilliant new BBC Weather app for iOS and Android.

    Robin and Kiran (finally) get around to discussing bluetooth speakers including the Jawbone Jambox and HMDX Jam, before getting completely carried away with the Bose SoundDock portable. The team haul themselves back from the brink of audio madness, and wrap up with a look at the forthcoming version of Mac OSX10, sadly not codenamed Meerkat…

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  6. AccessTalk | Podcast 27: Samsung TVs, Microsoft Cortana, TechABreak & the British Airways app

    Podcast 27: Samsung TVs, Microsoft Cortana, TechABreak & the British Airways app

    The team kick-off with news about the Samsung 2014 smart TV) with integrated accessibility features. Conversation turns to the forthcoming Apple launch event, and from there to the Anchor Direct rechargers.

    Robin has news of the Nokia Lumia 930, and the Microsoft Cortana personal assistant for Windows Phone.

    Kiran discusses recent improvements to Dropbox Pro price-plans, and Léonie explains why she is so impressed with the new Google Drive web interface.

    Léonie talks about the forthcoming BCAB TechABreak conference for blind and partially sighted technology users, before the team have a collective grumble about the accessibility of the Swarm app from FourSquare, and wrap up with an in-flight announcement for British Airways about the BA mobile app.


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  7. @AccessTalk » Podcast 6: YouView TV, online banking & braille notetakers

    The @AccessTalk team chat about YouView (and why Damon thinks it’s a game changer), before looking at the new talking TVOnyx settop box.

    Damon recommends a book from Audible, before Robin gets serious about money and Léonie looks forward to mobile phone payments from the likes of Google.

    Léonie suggests Nomensa’s free media player as a solution to Damon’s web video grumbles. The @AccessTalk team round things off with a rummage through the postbag, and a chat about the EuroBraille Esys 12 and Hims Inc VoiceSense braille notetakers.

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  8. Custom interfaces with Aria, HTML, and JavaScript (Léonie Watson, Fluent 2015)

    Talk from O’Reilly Fluent 2015.

    Original video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hRS_Uxq_LJ8
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  9. AccessTalk Podcast 15: Blackberry Z10, Amazon Kindle, Audible & the Windows Phone screen reader


    Damon, Léonie and Robin kick off with a look at the Blackberry Z10 smart phone, and discuss the merits of touch versus tactile input.

    Damon happily describes the newly accessible Amazon Kindle app for iOS, and Robin wonders whether it’s the start of a general trend towards reading books on phones and tablets instead of purpose built hardware.

    Damon and Léonie have a bit of a grumble about the new Audible website, and one of the team ‘fesses up when Damon wonders who it is that actually pre-orders books.

    Robin has some good news about the next version of Windows Phone, and the team consider the benefits of using the same OS across multiple devices. Everyone gets temporarily sidetracked when Léonie mentions moving to Giffgaff as mobile phone provider.

    Damon breaks out into The Rolling Stones when Robin mentions the return of the Windows start button, and in contrast the team wonder whether iDevices might really lose the home button in the future.

    A listener wrote in with a story about using Apple Siri in public, and the team have a propper chuckle about their own experiences. Léonie talks about using Vocalizer and Microsoft SAPI voices with NVDA, then Robin mentions an upgrade to the Prizmo OCR app for iOS.

    The team wrap up with a listener’s comments on the Plextalk Linio book reader,and a promise to look at bluetooth speakers when Kiran is back from his travels.

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  10. @AccessTalk | Podcast 8: Fleksy, Windows 8 Phone, Breadcrumbs and Mountain Lion

    http://accesstalk.co.uk/2012/08/podcast-8/ The @AccessTalk team kick off with a chat about the podcasts they listen to, and why Damon is the undisputed king of podcatching! Kiran talks about Fleksy, the typing app for blind people, and Léonie challenges Robin and Kiran to go head to head on a smart phone typing race.

    Léonie explains that she missed the audio description for the Olympics opening ceremony, and Damon wonders how many other access features people might be unaware of. The team ask listeners to get in touch with their top access tech tips.

    Robin looks ahead to the release of Windows 8 Phoneand its magnification capability, and Léonie describes the latest improvements to Windows 8 Narrator on touch screen tablets.

    Damon asks listeners about technology in the work place, before Robin reveals a little known fact about Mac OSX Mountain Lion. The team then wrap up with a chat about ITV on Apple TV, then let their inner Star Trek out with a new GPS app called Breadcrumbs.

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