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A webby type from Bristol, with a background in usability, and a passion for web development.

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  1. Regine Gilbert — Surfacing Podcast

    References & LinksResourcesRegine Gilbert’s WebsiteInclusive Design for a Digital World: Designing with Accessibility in Mind (Design Thinking) by Regine GilbertPeople and Places Regine Talks AboutDoug North CookNYU Tandon School of Engineering - Integrated Design & Media, M.S.Gus ChalkiasKat HolmesA11Y Meetup GroupsNational Association of Black JournalistsMatt May, Head of Inclusive Design at Adobe“I wrote the book on user-friendly design. What I see today horrifies me.” - Don NormanAssociation for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in EuropeW3C - Accessibility StandardsThe WebAIM MillionThe Blind Man who Invented Cruise ControlXR Axis - Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality for People with DisabilitiesArisa LabNASA SoundscapesFollow Regine on Social MediaTwitterLinkedInTranscriptTranscript is available here

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  2. ‎Design Better Podcast: Che Douglas of Leading a transformation on Apple Podcasts

    ‎Che Douglas led the transformation of the design team at The Wall Street Journal, from a service-based organization to a strategic component of an embedded Engineering, Product and Design structure. We chat with Che, who is now VP of Design at, about how he got the right people involved…

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  3. Episode 105: The AccessiBe controversy. Can AI make the web fully accessible in a few short years, or might it make matters worse? – Mosen At Large

    Kia ora Mosen At Largers.   Through a combination of awareness-raising and legal action, many people like to think that the web has become a more inclusive place. But there is much left to do. Entr…

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  4. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, How Far Have We Actually Come

    Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s bonus episode of the Blind Tech Guys.On this episode, Nimer and Marco sat down with Mark Muscat and Dr. Scott Hollier for a chat on accessibility, WCAG, and whether we are moving in the right direction with making the web and PDF documents truly accessibl…

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  5. Optimize your process for decision-making, not dogma | Jeff Gothelf

    Earlier this year I held a webinar panel with Sense & Respond Press author Randy Silver about his new book, What do we do now?. On that panel was my former colleague Selena Hadzibabic who, today, is the vice president of product at The Knot Worldwide. During our discussion, Selena said something that caught my…

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