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  1. 114: “Accessibility on Apple’s platforms”, with special guest Sommer Panage | Swift by Sundell

    Sommer Panage returns to the show to discuss Apple’s various accessibility APIs and tools, how to incorporate accessibility support into a team’s overall development workflow, and what it was like being an engineering manager at Apple.

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  2. Ian Dunt: Liberalism is in a fight for its life (episode 22)

    Liberalism – a belief in the primacy of individual liberty – has built modern democracies. Now it’s in an existential crisis, caught between rising authoritarianism and identity politics. I look back and ahead for liberals with British political journalist Ian Dunt.

    00:14 Intro 01:24 Another TCK childhood 04:19 Why write a book that goes back 400 years? 08:48 What is a liberal? 14:16 How liberalism failed to stand for the liberty of most individuals 19:28 Identity politics are both a threat and a gift 23:00 How to become a Borderline member 23:41 “The people” does not exist 27:44 Can liberalism make room for tribalism? 30:18 The immigrant’s whisper of loneliness 32:37 How liberalism survives the pandemic 36:11 Outro

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  3. Episode 150: Critical Race Theory feat Arif Hasan

    Complex field of study or right-wing boogeyman? Why not both! We explore Critical Race theory with guest Arif Hasan.


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  4. Zara Davis on Speed Windsurfing, Osteopathy, and Overcoming Mental and Physical Barriers

    Zara Davis is one of the biggest names in windsurfing when it comes to speed. She was the only windsurfer to hold simultaneously the records for the 500m distance and the outright nautical mile until Antoine Albeau accomplished the same feat more recently. As a windsurfer and osteopath, Zara is n…

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  5. Regine Gilbert — Surfacing Podcast

    References & LinksResourcesRegine Gilbert’s WebsiteInclusive Design for a Digital World: Designing with Accessibility in Mind (Design Thinking) by Regine GilbertPeople and Places Regine Talks AboutDoug North CookNYU Tandon School of Engineering - Integrated Design & Media, M.S.Gus ChalkiasKat HolmesA11Y Meetup GroupsNational Association of Black JournalistsMatt May, Head of Inclusive Design at Adobe“I wrote the book on user-friendly design. What I see today horrifies me.” - Don NormanAssociation for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in EuropeW3C - Accessibility StandardsThe WebAIM MillionThe Blind Man who Invented Cruise ControlXR Axis - Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality for People with DisabilitiesArisa LabNASA SoundscapesFollow Regine on Social MediaTwitterLinkedInTranscriptTranscript is available here

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