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  1. How To Prep For DMing a Campaign Session (Adventuring Academy: Office Hours)

    Brennan is LIVE to tell you all about two exciting new series and answer your questions!

    D20 is a series from CollegeHumor and DROPOUT.TV, created and DM'd by Brennan Lee Mulligan. It includes includes Fantasy High, Escape from the Bloodkeep and The Unsleeping City.

    #collegehumor #dropout #BrennanLeeMulligan #dnd

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  2. How To Create Horror

    This is a seminar I gave in early May about creating a horror adventure for Call of Cthulhu or, I suppose, any other horror roleplaying game.

    Sorry about the sound quality - we were focused on getting the message across rather than the taping. Hope it doesn't ruin it for you.

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