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  1. A Caribbean Mystery – Agatha Christie – BBC Radio Drama

    An exotic holiday for Miss Marple is ruined when a retired major is killed… As Miss Marple sat basking in the Caribbean sunshine she felt mildly discontented with life. True, the warmth eased her rheumatism, but here in paradise nothing ever happened. Eventually, her interest was aroused by an old soldier’s yarn about a strange coincidence. Infuriatingly, just as he was about to show her an astonishing photograph, the Major’s attention wandered. He never did finish the story.

    Agatha Christie’s novel, dramatised in five parts by Michael Bakewell. Starring June Whitfield as Miss Marple.

    1: The peace of a beautiful tropical island is shattered by the photograph of a murderer.

    2: Was Major Paigrave’s sudden death accidental, or was it murder?

    3: The authorities have been called in and a murder investigation is underway.

    4: Miss Marple needs an ally.

    5 Two murders and now an attempted suicide - are they somehow linked?

    Director Enyd Williams Agatha Christie Radio Drama | A Caribbean Mystery | BBC Radio Drama

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    Original video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tEmc78JW2sc&t=9s
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  2. Death at Broadcasting House

    Published in 1934 in the UK, Death At Broadcasting House (known as London Calling in the USA) is a British murder-mystery novel written by Val Gielgud and Holt Marvell.

    The novel was adapted into a film in the same year. A BBC radio drama was produced in 1996.

    The story is set in the world of radio production at Broadcasting House, which was then the new broadcasting centre of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).


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