Jason Scott Interview with Vivian Le regarding Geocities

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  1. Jason Scott Talks His Way Out Of It: Episode 04

    How Can I Possibly Interview, Listen at Parties, BBS Documentary, The Punishing Road, Favorite Interviews, Sleep Interview, Saddest Interviews, Florida Sink.

    I’m travelling and so I can’t record in my usual little studio, and just used a room at the Internet Archive. It’ll be something similar for next week, so if you have issues with the audio, let me know.


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  2. Jason Scott Talks His Way Out Of It: Episode 03

    Love My Job, Life at Internet Archive, Laid Off, Sabbatical, Getting Hired, The CEO and the Strip Club, Free.

    This Tuesday I’m being flown to Amsterdam to speak at a conference, followed by going to California for the Internet Archive’s annual event. The challenge will be to keep the podcast going through these two trips; if I can make it all work, I think we’ll have episodes for a long time to come.

    Thanks to Jeff Atwood for a $100 level support and Astrid Smith, Sam Johnston, Kevin Waters and James Baicoianu for support at the $50 level.


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  3. The Internet Archive with Jason Scott – The Retro Hour EP69 – Your Weekly Dose of Retro Gaming and Technology News, Views and Interviews

    We reminisce about BBS, Geocities and the earliest days of the Web with Internet Archive’s Jason Scott.

    The Internet Archive: archive.orgTextfiles.com: textfiles.com

    Thanks to our amazing donators this week: Paul Harrington, Michael Keith, Lars Boddum, Paul Edwards

    Our website: theretrohour.com

    Our Facebook: www.facebook.com/theretrohour/

    Our Twitter: twitter.com/retrohouruk

    Show notes:

    Night Trap HD update: bit.ly/2p4PTPS

    Atari 8-bit book: bit.ly/2pdIwkq

    Sonic Time Twisted: bit.ly/2pAS7WG

    Spectrum Next funded in one day: bit.ly/2qABrz5

    Turn iPhone into a retro Mac: bit.ly/2pdZvD0

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  4. Jason Scott at The Interval at Long Now | San Francisco

    "The Web In An Eye Blink": A filmmaker, historian, and self-proclaimed rogue archivist, Jason Scott discusses his personal history of preserving the digital commons which began with rescuing his favorite BBS-era "text files" and continued with saving gigabytes of the first user-created homepages (i.e. GeoCities.com) which were about to be trashed by their corporate owner. Today his mission, in his role at the Internet Archive, is to save all the computer games and make them playable again inside modern web browsers. And that’s where things get really weird.


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  5. Jason Scott Talks His Way Out Of It: Episode 05

    California, California, Not California, Dot Boom California, Dot Bust California, Internet Archive California. My many experiences of California: As dream, as reality, as a broken dream, a bust, and as a dream again.

    When I get home next week, I’m going to sit down and work on the next generation of this show, to refine a bunch of processes. Thanks for your patience as I work through this new project!

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  6. Archiving Digital Experiences using Emulation with Jason Scott

    Jason Scott is the internet’s historian and archivist. He is the creator and maintainer of textfiles.com, a web site which archives files from historic bulletin board systems. In 2011 he proposed that the MAME arcade emulator be ported to JavaScript and the next half decade changed how we think about old software and hardware on the internet.

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  7. Recordkeeping Roundtable event with Jason Scott of Archive team : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

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