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  1. TV Cream Stays Indoors: Space Sentinels

    Tim Worthington: I’m on the latest edition of TV Cream Stays Indoors, talking to Graham Kibble-White about what we both made of Filmation’s 1977 genre-defining Disco Sci-Fi effort Space Sentinels. Although I very clearly remember watching the adventures of Hercules, Mercury, Astrea, MO and Sentinel One, I remembered very little actually about the series itself, so it was a particularly interesting one to revisit and realise just how much I confused it with Battle Of The Planets. During an extremely fun chat we discuss the cacophonous backing music, the late seventies preponderance of Evil James Galway villains, whether every single Filmation cartoon had the exact same storyline every single week, and how Star Wars changed everything that sci-fi meant to space-hungry youngsters literally while Space Sentinels was still on the drawing board.


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  2. Every Nihilist is Really an Optimist | Ash Sarkar meets Frankie Boyle

    Ash Sarkar spoke to comedian Frankie Boyle about his new book ‘The Future of British Politics’ and whether there’ll actually be one.

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  3. Clarkesworld magazine: “The Murders of Jason Hartman” (short story)

    Issue 170, November 2020.


    Our sixth podcast for November is “The Murders of Jason Hartman” written by Brady Nelson and Jamie Wahls and read by Kate Baker.


    Brady Nelson is a writer living in Los Angeles. He was a member of the 2019 Clarion Writers’ Workshop. Jamie Wahls has been published in Clarkesworld, Strange Horizons, and Nature (kinda). He was nominated for the Nebula award, received George RR Martin’s "Sense of Wonder" fellowship, and is a graduate of the notorious 2019 Clarion Class, the "killer bees." His ultraminimalist website can be found at jamiewahls.com, and you can follow him on Twitter at @JamieWahls.

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