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  1. State Change #18 - Simon DLR, Dive into Tokens

    Simon de la Rouviere explains his work with community tokens and his project Token Factory. We discuss UJO, BTC Relay, and naively discuss the DAO (this was recorded pre-hack).

    Content: Simon de la Rouviere, Arthur Falls

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  2. Play in new window

    Avez vous l’impression de vous faire avoir avec la RRQ? Que c’est un vol intergénérationnel? Que les boomers en auront profité plus que vous?

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  3. The Ether Review #30 - Vinay Gupta - All Roads lead to the Singularity

    This episode features a somewhat undirected discussion with critical thinker Vinay Gupta. Starting with the technological components of Bitcoin and Ethereum, we find that all roads lead to the singularity.

    Thank you to for the support (Vinay’s site)

    Content: Vinay Gupta, Arthur Falls Editing: Connor O’Day

    Original video:
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  4. Episode 16: Story time with Lesley and gold rises

    The Northern Miner introduces story-time with Lesley, wherein we share some entertaining parables from the field. Additional coverage on Lundin Gold’s (TSX: FUG; US-OTC: FTMNF) Fruta Del Norte project in Ecuador, federal government changes to the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act (YESAA), and the potential sale of Thompson Creek Metals’ (TSX: TCM; NYSE: TC) Mount Milligan copper-gold operation in B.C.

    Bonus coverage includes chatter Kincora Copper’s (TSXV: KCC; US-OTC: BZDLF) Mongolian copper deal with Robert Friedland, and more!

    Super bonus: Lesley tries an Australian accent and we talk about Davy Crockett.


    Macro markets and economics: 1m15s Thompson Creek’s Mount Milligan sale: 8m2s Federal government amends Yukon legislation: 12m25s Story time with Lesley: 19m32s Lundin Gold’s Fruta del Norte feasibility study: 26m20s Kincora Copper’s deal with Friedland in Mongolia: 34m02s Twitter Time: 41m12s

    Stories referenced in this episode:

    Editorial: Trudeau’s Liberals to repeal Bill S-6 in Yukon:

    Lundin Gold reports feasibility results for Fruta del Norte:

    Thompson Creek master…

    Original video:
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  5. Go Time #3: Early Go Adoption with Travis Reeder - Changelog

    Recorded April 21, 2016 — Travis Reeder joins the show today to talk about, early Go adoption, how helps with GoSF and other events for the Go community, the implications of containers at scale, and more.

    Download: MP3 Audio

    We also discussed the recent go compiler speed up, static analysis tools, high performance Go by Bjorn Rabenstein, and more.

    Travis Reeder Introduction



    GoSF: largest Go meetup

    Interesting Go Projects and News

    Go compiler speed u

    Build your own static analysis tools:

    Great video on high performance Go by Bjorn Rabenstein

    Dave Cheney presentation: Writing High Performance Go

    Full Oauth2 server in go

    Rqlite: Some of my favorite things, distributed, databases, etcd, raft – replicated sqlite with an http interface

    Older but really awesome: peer-to-peer file synchronization – I use this between several computers, win, mac, linux to synchronize documents and even source code

    Free Software Friday

    Brian –

    Polymer Bindings for GopherJS

    by Luna Duclos DUCLO

    Erik – fsnotify

    Carlisia – gocyclo

    Have comments? Send a tweet to @Changelog on Twitter.Subscribe to Changelog Weekly – our weekly email covering everything that hits our open source radar.


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  6. Lynsey Addario: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War

    Trump, ISIS and capitalism

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  7. How Smarter Positioning Helps You Grow (by Doing Less) with Philip Morgan – Productize Podcast MP3

    Philip Morgan and I had a great conversation about Positioning. It’s all about “positioning” yourself as a specialist—even when that’s a scaring thing to do!

    You’ll learn:

    How to get over the fear of not doing everything for everyone

    Specific steps you can take to narrow your focus

    How to communicate what you do your ideal client

    How to use Positioning in your Productize Service


    Philip Morgan’s book on Positioning

    Philip on Twitter

    Productize Crash Course

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  8. 29 RNPM & React Native General Discussion with Mike Grabowski of

    React Native Radio | Episode 29


    Nader Dabit 

    Peter Piekarczyk

    Special Guest: Mike Grabowski of


    Discussions and Questions:



    Can you give us a quick run down of how you got into programming and what your are doing with you career at this current moment?


    Can you tell us about Callstack, and what you guys do there?


    Discussion about consulting as an programmer.


    What have you learn in the transition of your company to consulting?


    Do you build an app for a customer, are they coming to your specifically for React Native, or is that the picture your bring into to it. How happy are your customers with the build of the apps with React Native that are shipped by you?


    What did you guys use for the media player? Is that something that is in-house or open source that your guys used?


    Are there any tools or libraries that are missing or you wish you had in React Native?


    What does your team consist of? Are there more JavaScript developers or Native Developers?


    Can you go through the more popular open project you have out there? 


    So how did you get into contributing to React Native? Could you tell us little bit about how you got started, for those who would like to start?


    Can you go into how you guys decided you build RNPM, and how that process went?


    So what made things easier for you as far as contributions?


    So are you involve with the Facebook SDK? Yes. Cony go into this SDK and the future of this project?




    React Virtualized


    Building Applications with React, Redux, and ES6



    React .026


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  9. 1: Matt Holt, creator of Caddy webserver - Syscast Podcast file | Play in new window | Duration: 57:08 | Size: 39.23M(disclaimer: audio quality isn’t super great, I’ll get that fixed for episode #2)

    Exciting! This is the very first episode of the SysCast podcast!

    I’m very happy to have Matt Holt as my first guest, who created the Caddy webserver.

    We talk about the Caddy project, the Go language and community, the unique benefits of Caddy and its Caddyfile, dealing with Pull Requests and so much more.

    A couple of lessons learned on my part:

    stereo recording is useless, everything should be mono (I now merged stereo to mono, but it came at a loss of audio quality)

    I need to tweak my own recording settings, that’s obvious (it’s a good thing Matt’s voice is clearer than mine)


    Write a review in iTunes!

    @mholt6: Matt on Twitter the webserver

    Server Side Push in HTTP/2 (benchmarked)

    Gogs: git repository hosting written in Go

    Laravel Valet: self-hosting in development for Laravel projects, powered by Caddy

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  10. The Gold Chronicles: May 18th, 2016 Interview with Jim Rickards | Physical Gold Fund

    Jim Rickards, The Gold Chronicles may 18th, 2016

    *The West is waking up to Gold

    *Gold inflows have exceeded $13 Billion so far in 2016

    *Paul Singer, Stanley Druckenmiller, Jeffrey Gundlach, George Soros all recommending gold

    *Gold is the best performing asset for both 2016, as well as the last 16 years since 2000

    *There has been a change in teh conversation and narrative about gold in the West

    *Investors are losing confidence in Central Banks which is fueling the awareness about gold

    *As we have discussed previously on The Gold Chronicles, the technical set up for gold to rise has been in place for some time, and was only awaiting a shift in Western sentiment

    *PIMCO economist suggesting an official re-pricing of gold to defeat current deflation and reach Fed inflation targets

    *Discussion of how open market operations by the Fed to raise the official price of gold would work

    *Kenneth Rogoff is recommending developing economy countries to increase their gold reserves to 10% to diversify reserves composition

    *Chief Economist BIS indicates the world monetary system is lacking an anchor – why we think this anchor could be gold

    *Why a gold linked SDR could make sense as an international monetary system anchor

    *Any attempts to re-anchor the monetary system to gold would require a non-deflationary USD gold price of $10,000 per troy ounce

    *Feasability of using gold as an international unit of account today – even if all goods were measured in gold, it would likely require some kind of digital token to facilitate transactions

    *No expectations of a Fed rate hike in June

    *Detailing a scenario under which the gold price could go down significantly, and the probability of such an event

    *Commentary on China’s gold reserves

    Learn more about Jim Rickards latest book, The New  Case for Gold at

    You can follow Alex Stanczyk on Twitter @alexstanczyk

    You can follow Jim Rickards on Twitter @JamesGRickards

    You can listen to the Gold Chronicles on iTunes at:

    You can Listen to the Physical Edge on iTunes at:

    You can access transcripts of our interviews at:

    You can subscribe to our Youtube channel to access these interviews and more at: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

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