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  1. Software Defined Talk Episode 122: Don’t get wasted at sales kick-off, & Coté needs to stop being so pessimistic

    It’s our annual surviving sales kick-off show. There’s some exciting developments in Coté’s life on the stage and trenchant tips from Matt and Brandon (spoiler: don’t get wasted!). We also discuss the odd trend of kubernetes now actually not being for mere mortals and then Coté complains about writing talk submissions for CFPs.

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  2. Go Time #66: Performance, Fuzzing, and Magic with Damian Gryski | News and podcasts for developers | Changelog

    Damian Gryski joined the show and talked with us about perfbook, performance profiling, reading white papers for fun, fuzzing, and other interesting projects and news.

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  3. Graphs as the Front End for Machine Learning

    In this episode of the Data Show, I spoke with Leo Meyerovich, co-founder and CEO of Graphistry. Graphs have always been part of the big data revolution (think of the large graphs generated by the early social media startups). In recent months, I’ve come across companies releasing and using new tools for creating, storing, and (most importantly) analyzing large graphs. There are many problems and use cases that lend themselves naturally to graphs, and recent advances in hardware and software building blocks have made large-scale analytics possible.

    Starting with his work as a graduate student at UC Berkeley, Meyerovich has pioneered the combination of hardware and software acceleration to create truly interactive environments for visualizing large amounts of data. Graphistry has built a suite of tools that enables analysts to wade through large data sets and investigate business and security incidents. The company is currently focused on the security domain—where it turns out that graph representations of data are things security analysts are quite familiar with.

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  4. RadioEGO - L’UPAC à laissé tomber Zambito

    Sur les ondes d’En Direct De Nulle Part, MisterM s’entretient avec son collaborateur Ken Pereira qui commente les derniers déboires de l’UPAC qui accuse Lino Zambito d’être la source du coulage médiatique et annonce en primeur les détails du point de presse de Lino. Il commente également la décision de la cour de blanchir entièrement Tony Accurso de toutes accusations de collusion et de corruption. Ken dénonce la lâcheté et la manipulation des médias de masse qui laissent tomber les sonneurs d’alarmes comme Lino, préférant distortionner l’information pour offrir de la "fake news" spectaculaire! 

    EDDNP en ondes tous les vendredi 20h sur et disponible sur iTunes, Google Play et tout bon podcatcher Android.

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  5. PodCTL #25 - Kubernetes Myths & Misperceptions - Part I – OpenShift Blog

    A two-part series focused on common myths and misperceptions about Kubernetes, platforms and containerizing applications.

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  6. 234: The Good Word About AI — Embedded

    Dustin Franklin of NVIDIA (@NVIDIAEmbedded) spoke with us about the Jetson TX2, a board designed to bring AI into embedded systems.Dusty wrote Two Days to a Demo, both the original supervised learning version and the newer reinforcement learning version. In general, check out Dusty’s github repo to see what’s new. Also, The Redtail project is an autonomous navigation system for drones and land vehicles based on the TX2.The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference is in San Jose, CA, March 26-29, 2018. Your coupon for 25% off: NVCYATOThe Jetson TX1/TX2 ChallengeRocket contest ends February 18th.You can find Dusty on on the NVIDIA forums.

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  7. Escape Detection Vs Escape Analysis - Programming And Performance With Cliff Click (podcast)

    Here’s a podcast on Escape Detection (and Escape Analysis). Here’s some long-languishing slides on Stack Based Allocation, I did at Azul and presented at some conferences in 2004 & 2005: 2004_SBA

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  8. Under The Hood Of The JVM - Programming And Performance With Cliff Click (podcast)

    A weekly podcast with Cliff Click talking about all things to do with programming, programmers and computer performance. This is a short talk on what’s under the hood of the JVM.

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  9. The Bitcoin Podcast Network: Crypto Until Infinity #2: Music and Smart Contracts

    The second episode of the Bitcoin Podcast Network’s music broadcast, Crypto Until Infinity, features music from singers and rappers that are crypto enthusiasts. Host DJsNeverEndingStory describes some of the uses of smart contracts within music blockchain platforms. Music 00:01:05 – OG Menace – One 4 Me 00:04:12 – Layla Khepri – Smile and Wave 00:07:37 – Jay-Kaze – Meditation 00:09:53 – Jonny Avalon – Beautiful Day 00:12:41 – Rx the Pharm Tech – Game That Can’t Be Played 00:14:04 – Rx the Pharm Tech – Cliffhangin 00:25:20 – DJsNeverEndingStory – Insane If you’re a singer, rapper, musician or beat-maker, and would like your music featured on the show, please contact DJsNeverEndingStory using the contact form on

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  10. 76: Choosing Your Technology Ecosystem - Orthogonal

    Podcasts for Designers and Developers. Level up your career.

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