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  1. Bitcoin

    Mixtape is a comprehensive index and search engine for podcasts. Search and subscribe to topics you like.

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  2. Daily Tech News Show | Helping each other understand.

    Samsung unveils a new smartphone camera sensor that offers up to 108 megapixels of resolution. The US Navy announced it will revert destroyers from touchscreens to mechanical throttle and helm control system over the next 18-24 months, DARPA showed off an open-source secure voting machine with chips designed as open hardware with no proprietary components.

    Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang.

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  3. Go Time #94: Structuring your Go apps with special guest Cory LaNou |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

    Jon, Mat, Johnny, and special guest Cory LaNou discuss the ins and outs of structuring Go programs. Why is app structure so important? Why is it hard to structure Go apps? What happens if we get it wrong? Why do we confuse folder structures with application design? How should a new Go app be structured?

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  4. Kubernetes Podcast from Google

    #66 August 13, 2019

    kubectl Plugins and krew, with Ahmet Alp Balkan and Luk Burchard

    Hosts: Craig Box, Adam Glick

    No matter how you say it, you probably use kubectl all the time. Did you know you can extend it with plugins?

    Did you know you can find and install those plugins using krew, a plugin manager for kubectl?

    krew was built by Luk Burchard, a student at TUBerlin, as an intern project. He was supervised by Ahmet Alp Balkan at Google Cloud, and they both join Craig and Adam to discuss it.

    Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know:



    twitter: @kubernetespod

    Chatter of the week


    Fox evidence

    News of the week

    “Open sourcing” the Kubernetes security audit

    CyberArk’s penetration testing methodology

    Docker reverse shells and making it rain shells in Kubernetes by Rory McCune

    Google Cloud Security Scanner: web application vulnerability scanner for GKE

    Knative 0.8 release notes

    Building a Kubernetes platform at Pinterest

    Octant by VMware

    Call to participate in the CNCF Survey

    Direct link

    Reannouncing the Kubernetes Forum

    Links from the interview

    kubectl overview

    Extend kubectl with plugins

    Sample CLI plugin

    Write your own kubectl subcommands and The case for a kubectl plugin manager by Ahmet Alp Balkan

    kustomize becoming a kubectl sub-command

    kubectl access-matrix (a.k.a. rakkess, as a stand-alone binary)


    krew plugin index

    Ahmet’s recruitment tweet

    Luk’s first day at Google

    Ahmet Alp Balkan:



    Luk Burchard:



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  5. npr money plumbing

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  6. An Interview with Scott Miller (2nd) | The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

    Scott Miller of Dragon Innovation returns to The Amp Hour after 7 years. He and Chris talk about how manufacturing continues to evolve and how Dragon is creating a "product as a service" company inside of their larger distributor parent company.

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  7. Protocols and Sympathy with Martin Thompson

    Making performance changes is about working smoothly with hardware AND with people.

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  8. WebAssembly on IoT with Jonathan Beri - Software Engineering Daily

    “Internet of Things” is a term used to describe the increasing connectivity and intelligence of physical objects within our lives.  IoT has manifested within enterprises under the term “Industrial IoT,” as wireless connectivity and machine learning have started to improve devices such as centrifuges, conveyor belts, and factory robotics. In the consumer space, IoT has

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  9. PODCAST || Cathie Wood: On The Cusp Of A Bold, New Technological Era

    We are on the cusp of one of the most disruptive, innovative eras since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

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  10. Envoy Mobile with Matt Klein - Software Engineering Daily

    Envoy is an open source edge and service proxy that was originally developed at Lyft.  Envoy is often deployed as a sidecar application that runs alongside a service and helps that service by providing features such as routing, rate limiting, telemetry, and security policy. Envoy has gained significant traction in the open source community, and

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