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  1. All about Porter with Carolyn Van Slyck (Go Time #184) |> Changelog

    Porter lets you package your application artifacts, client tools, configuration and deployment logic together as a versioned bundle that you can distribute, and then install with a single command. Written entirely in Go, we speak to one of the creators about running an open source project, the importance of documentati…

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  2. Investing in innovation | Simon Erickson, Founder of 7Investing

    In this Australian Investors Podcast, Simon Erickson from 7investing walks us through his journey, including his process for investin…

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  3. Download Let’s Talk AI - OpenAI’s “Scaling Laws for Autoregressive Generative Modeling” | Podbean

    An interview with Tom Henighan, a member of the technical staff at OpenAI working on the safety team, about the recent paper “Scaling Laws for Autoregressive Generative Modeling” that he co-authored with many others at OpenAI.

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  4. Go in production at with Mat Ryer and David Hernandez (Go Time #136) |> News and podcasts for developers |> Changelog

    Building a new app in Go can involve a lot of technical decisions. How will your code be structured? How will you handle background jobs? What will your deploy process look like? In this episode we will walk through the decisions made while building the public release of

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  5. Heavy Networking 527: New Ideas For A Network Certification Program - Packet Pushers

    Today's Heavy Networking explores ideas for designing a new networking certification program built around a network design challenge that focuses on broad, systems-oriented knowledge. The goal isn't to replace current certifications, but to create an option that emphasizes deep knowledge of protocols and networking concepts. Our guests are Russ White and Scott Morris.

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