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  1. Brian Casel: The Process of Building a Business — Freelance — Overcast

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  2. Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up - 6.14.19

    Eric Sprott discusses the factors driving precious metals and mining shares higher. He also looks ahead to next week’s FOMC meeting and interest rate announcement.

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  3. Episode 369: Derek Collison on Messaging Systems and NATS : Software Engineering Radio

    Episode 369: Derek Collison on Messaging Systems and NATS

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    on June 11, 2019


    Derek Collison of Synadia discusses messaging systems and the open source project NATS. Host Jeremy Jung spoke with Collison about different messaging patterns such as request reply, publish subscribe, and queuing.  They discuss how introducing a messaging system can solve problems like routing, load balancing, and security to simplify ops. They also go into how NATS compares to other messaging systems and Derek’s vision of the future of application design.

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    NATS website

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  4. Naval Ep 6

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  5. Intercom’s Jeff Gardner on scaling personal customer support

    Director of Customer Support Jeff Gardner shares the values and principles that have helped keep his team’s bar high as they’ve scaled to more than 50.

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  6. The EOS Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

    The 1st Podcast In EOS History

    Get EOS Smart. Talks From Top Minds

    Host Brandon Parker @HappyMoneyMan

    The EOS Podcast talks with Block Producers, New Dapps, & Thought Leaders in Blockchain.

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  7. Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast

    Tesla Motors enthusiasts looking for a show about the latest news and analysis on the all-electric high-performance vehicle company need look no further. Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast is a weekly show made for Tesla fans and owners by Tesla community veteran Ryan McCaffrey. Each week we’ll cover everything happening with the Model S, Model X, Model 3, Gigafactory, and more!

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  8. Heavy Networking 451: Intelligent Network Automation And Intent Engineering With Gluware (Sponsored) - Packet Pushers

    On today’s Heavy Networking, recorded live at Gluware Intent 19, the Packet Pushers dive into network automation, learn about sponsor Gluware’s capability to bring automation into brownfield environments and derive business intent from existing networks, and explore real-world use cases from customers Merck and Terracon.

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  9. Day Two Cloud 010: The Role Of Egress Control In Cloud Security - Packet Pushers

    Today’s Day Two Cloud episode dives into egress control for cloud security. Guest David Redekop explains why outbound control is essential to protect cloud services, how to use DNS to restrict outbound connections, and the value of logging tools such as OSquery.

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  10. David Epstein – Wide or Deep? - Invest Like the Best

    My guest this week is David Epstein. David is a writer and researcher extraordinaire and the author of two great books. His second, Range, is out today and I highly recommend it.

    We discuss the pros and cons of both the generalist and specialist…

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