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  1. Designing for emotion with Aarron Walter | by epicBagel

    In this podcast, we speak with Aarron Walter, user experience design lead at MailChimp, about designing for emotion.

    Aarron talks about why and how MailChimp aimed not just for usable, but for a pleasurable user experience. We also discuss what's fuelled the emergence of emotional design, risks with emotional design and why emotional design should be led by the UX team.

    We also talk about what we can expect from Aarron's exciting new book, 'Designing for Emotion'. You can download an example of the design persona we discuss over at Aarron's blog.

    Aarron Walter, user experience designer (

    Mailchimp (
    'Designing for Emotion' (
    Design Persona (

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  2. Emerging Trends of Mobile Technology

    iPhone 2.0, Android, Flash Lite 3.0, Streaming Video, Electronic Wallets, Mobile technology is growing rapidly and becoming an intrinsic part of consumer mentality. Hear the experts discuss the role of mobile in today's lifestyle, discuss emerging technology, and predict national and international trends.

    Rob Gonda, Sapient

    Juan-Carlos Morales, Sapient Interactive

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  3. Closing Keynote: Beyond the Mobile Gold Rush

    The rise of smart devices like the iPhone and iPad has led to an application goldrush, with companies racing to stake their claim. In the early days we saw a few lucky pioneers strike gold, but like most gold rushes, the obvious targets were quickly depleted. Digital prospectors lured by the promise of gold are now arriving to find a very different market—one rife with competition and few obvious deposits to mine.

    Recent studies have shown that we tend to limit our usage to a few core applications and the bulk of apps never even get opened. So despite newspapers and magazines hailing the iPad as the saviour of the publishing industry, does it really make business sense to jump on the application bandwagon? If not, what are the alternatives?

    In this keynote, Andy Budd will look at the current state of the mobile web, how we got here and where we go next. He will explore the new opportunities that have opened up for the field of user experience design, but will caution that not every mobile experience needs to start with an app.

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  4. Mental Models: Sparking Creativity Through Empathy - Indi Young

    You have probably heard all about addressing “the whole user experience.” You may have also heard that “innovation” is the new key to getting ahead of your competition, and “empathy” is the way to design good solutions. You are eager to jump on the bandwagon, but how can you address all the things going on in the user’s world, gain insight into their philosophies, and innovate based on what you learn? How do you know the extent of the user’s flow of attention in the first place?

    This session will introduce you to a method for modelling the attention flow of a group of people with similar motivations and discuss how to make sure this model truly represents the root of what is driving your end user’s natural behaviour. It is easy to make assumptions, but less so to dive down to the core emotions, philosophies, and actions that drive people’s behaviour. The presentation will focus on how mental models represent the whole user experience, addressing how to coax the model towards representing the true roots of people’s behaviour.

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  5. Building A Brand That Matters | Tony Hsieh, | Web 2.0 Conference

    In this presentation at the Web 2.0 Conference, CEO Tony Hsieh talks about his first business selling pizza in college, starting Link Exchange after college, and how he eventually ended up leading Zappos as the CEO. Tony discusses how his experience at Link Exchange influenced him to focus on corporate culture as a top priority, and why he thinks culture is so important to a company’s future growth and success.

    Tony talks about the internal vision of Zappos not just to be an Internet footware merchant, but to be a brand that is known for an excellent customer experience. He goes on to list a number of specific techniques that the company uses to enhance customer service, and explains why he thinks that the telephone is still one of the best branding devices available.

    How do you define culture? Tony talks about some of the core values of Zappos, and why it’s important to have values that aren’t just a plaque on a wall. These values permeate every aspect of the company, and Tony details some of the hiring and training practices that Zappos uses to ensure that every employee fits into the corporate culture.

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  6. Being a UX Team of One

    What's the best way to evolve design ideas quickly? Get together with other designers and brainstorm. The second best way? Adapt the methods of larger UX groups to a team of one. Learn how in this presentation, which shares lightweight techniques for quick and effective brainstorming on your own.

    Slideshare presentation: Leah Buley, Adaptive Path

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  7. What’s Next? How Mobile is Changing Design by Brian Fling

    Mobile is evolving, the web is adapting, and these two colossal worlds are about to collide to create something new. In order to design the experiences of this new contextual web, we need to change the way we look at design. In this talk Brian will provide his insights on some of the emerging trends in mobile design and share his thoughts on how we will design the interfaces of tomorrow.

    Brian Fling has been a leader in creating interactive experiences for both the web and mobile mediums. He has worked with hundreds of businesses from early stage start-ups to Fortune 50 companies to leverage new media around the needs of real peoples.

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  8. Christian Crumlish – Designing social interfaces

    Web Directions South 2009, Sydney Convention Centre, October 9 1.40pm.

    Designing for social interaction is hard. People are unpredictable, consistency is a mixed blessing, and co-creation with your users requires a dizzying flirtation with loss of control. Christian will present the dos and don’ts of social web design using a sampling of interaction patterns, design principles and best practices to help you improve the design of your digital social environments.

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