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  1. Get Stoked on Web Typography by Samantha Warren

    Typography can make or break a design, but there are big differences between what makes jaw-dropping type offline from what makes great type online? In this presentation, Samantha will evaluate interesting offline lettering and discuss how you can translate those principles and leverage CSS3, @font-face, and new font-as-service web apps to create engaging online typographic experiences.


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  2. Interactive Podcasts: The Revenge Of Editorials

    As the Internet has accelerated the creation of all types of content, it’s become more and more difficult to sift through that content and find something of quality. We’ve tried it with machines and even mass consensus but the results are either wrong or lowest common denominator. The irony in all this is that we really need other humans to help us. The vast breadth of content on the Web only highlights what we’ve always relied upon: the valued opinion of others.

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  3. Being a UX Team of One

    What’s the best way to evolve design ideas quickly? Get together with other designers and brainstorm. The second best way? Adapt the methods of larger UX groups to a team of one. Learn how in this presentation, which shares lightweight techniques for quick and effective brainstorming on your own.

    Slideshare presentation: Leah Buley, Adaptive Path

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