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  1. Agile acceptance tests

    This talk is about how we use Agile Acceptance Tests. These tests are a mix of a function test and an acceptance test. First the developers complete the UI layouts from the UI Guidelines and Wireframes. Then the UI is tested using the test scripts that have been created from the user stories.

    I am a technical communicator and user experience designer, so I have seen the good and the bad. I love working with people, sorting out large content, and putting the user experience first in web design.

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  2. Working with Clients to get Better Solutions

    As UX practitioners we focus heavily on the user, but this can cause us to undervalue what can be the most crucial input into a design solution – the client. A great client has excellent domain knowledge, harbours years worth of ideas and is able to clearly articulate their goals. This talk will provide tips to make every client a great client as you work together towards a better solution.

    Daniel has always been interested in why and how things work, including people – just ask his family, the subjects of many ‘what if’ experiments. So it didn’t take long before Daniel merged and focused his interests on designing things for people to use. He has been designing software for people for about 10 years and currently works as a Senior Experience Designer at Symplicit.


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