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  1. Oh God, It’s Full of Stars — dConstruct Audio Archive

    The relationship between digital and physical products is larger than if it exists on a hard drive or a shelf. It’s the tension between access and ownership, searching and finding, sharing and collecting. It’s a dance between the visible and the invisible, and what happens when we’re forced to remember versus when we are allowed to forget. How does this affect us—not just as makers, but as consumers of these products? Does collecting things matter if we don’t revisit them? We may download, bookmark, tag, organize, and star, but what then?

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  2. Seth Godin: The New Face Of Publishing

    There are some people who just get what’s going on: faster, more accurately, and more cogently than the rest of us. Seth Godin is one of those people. A legend on the ‘net, Seth authored the most popular e-book ever written (“Unleashing The Idea Virus“) and commands speaker’s fees that run into telephone numbers.

    For Radio Litopia, however, Seth’s fee is… simply your attention.

    This is one of those shows that you’ll want to listen to many times. The wisdom is intense and the conclusions devastating. Interviewed by Litopia’s Peter Cox and Jamie Mollart, this session with Seth must count as one of our best, and most important, shows ever.

    —Huffduffed by adski