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  1. Simon Hackett at Cutaway

    The event was called “Cutaway – a Ceremony“, and it was held at the home of the Vitalstatistix Theatre Company in historic Port Adelaide.

    The over-arching theme was about ‘being a good ancestor’ – in other words, it was about the process of considering how each of us can choose to find their own way to leave society a little better through their efforts.

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  2. Hearing Voices | on Triple J Hack

    Mel is constantly tormented by ‘Ron’

    The segment is an interview with a 25 year old girl, Mel, who constantly hears the voice of a male character who calls himself ‘Ron’. An interesting thing about the article is the distinction that Mel is not Schizophrenic, but rather, that she hears a voice.

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  3. The Yellow Brick Road

    The Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) represents the interests of Australian producers on all issues that affect the business and creative aspects of independent screen production. Our annual conference is held over three days and is the premiere business and networking event for film, television, and new media producers.

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