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  1. HUB Interviews - Jeremy Keith

    HUB is a dedicated space for interviews, providing an insight into what inspires some of the most creative people from around the world.

    Jeremy Keith has quite literally been there done it and got many t-shirts in the world of web. He currently resides in sunny Brighton working as the Technical Director for Clearleft. He has written books, hosted conferences and still has time to play the bouzouki in his band, Salter Cane.

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  2. Ethan Marcotte: Responsive Web Design Interview — The Way of Responsive Web Design | Design Interview

    Ethan Marcottee explains responsive web design. He also takes us through his own process to building a responsive site which includes applying media queries and designing for the mobile.

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  3. HTML5 not HTML

    HTML5 is taking the web by storm. It seems that not a day goes by without a some newfangled HTML5 creation being talked about on Twitter. Lucky for me, I was able to have a conversation with Molly Holzschlag–author, speaker, and all-around web standards veteran–about this new and disruptive technology.

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  4. Things Every Programmer Should Know

    Kevlin Henney, editor/author of 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know, discusses the book and the programming process. He talks about how he compiled the essays for the book and lists some of the items he found most surprising and thought provoking. He also assesses the issues related to programmer training, including some of the things not taught in school.

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