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  1. Sources and Methods #30: Deb Chachra — Sources & Methods

    Deb Chachra 101:Deb Chachra on twitter / instagram / homepageMetafoundry — Deb’s weekly newsletterDeb Chachra’s OLIN faculty profileShow Notes:00:47 – Metafoundry01:00 – OLIN College02:58 – “Why I am not a maker” (The Atlantic)4:44 – “Making as an Act of Caring” by Anab Jain (Superflux)4:59 – John Ardern6:17 – Edward L. Deci - “Why We Do What We Do” (book)7:36 – Deb Chachra / education research8:11 – Tetris / Minecraft9:42 – Ursula Franklin (wiki) “The Real World of Technology” (book)19:04 – MOOCs (wiki)20:28 – Gender imbalance in engineering school27:39 – Edward L. Deci - “Why We Do What We Do” (book)33:43 – UCL’s Integrated Engineering Programme33:55 – Engineering Leadership Programme (Olin / U Texas partnership)37:27 – Oral Roberts University38:30 – Polaroid45:46 – Canada & refugees Sponsoring Syrian refugees48:20 – Metafoundry (email newsletter)50:17 – Metafoundry on VR (here and here)52:46 – Zibaldone / Commonplace book Deb’s zibaldone53:30 – Pinboard54:57 – Boston Athenæum (wiki / official site)56:20 – A book as a souvenir (James Bridle)58:49 – Deb on Instagram Clive Thompson (twitter) Situated Systems Project1:00:21 – The Situated Systems Team1:01:24 – Metafoundry posts referencing the Situated Systems project1:02:37 – Stranger Things (IMDB)1:04:12 – Dylan Thomas – “My education was the liberty I had to read indiscriminately and all the time, with my eyes hanging out.” (quote)1:05:44 – Sarah Perry - The Essex Serpent (book)1:06:59 – Predestination (IMDB)1:08:34 – Kill vs Maim (song video)


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  2. Accidental Tech Podcast 173 (bootleg live recording)

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  3. Podcast: TSOYA Classic: The Del Close Marathon. | Maximum Fun

    For over 30 years Del Close was the leading light in improvisational comedy in Chicago, having a huge influence on Mike Meyers, Bill Murray, John Belushi and the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, among many others. Following Del’s passing in 1999, the UCB started the annual Del Close Marathon as a means of celebrating their mentor’s life, and passing on his legacy to future generations. Ian Roberts and Anthony King from the UCB talk about the event.

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  4. The Dalrymple Report: Episode 25: Power Nipple

    Jim and Merlin discuss finding new music, using an iPad for ‘real work’, and rock star cameos.

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  5. Feral Audio // Kumail Nanjiani’s The X-Files Files // 55 – Kumail Talks To David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson on the set of The X-Files

    Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley, The Indoor Kids) and a guest explore their favorite cases of The X-Files. The truth is out there!


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  6. Digital Nomadism with Michael Rosenthal - Software Engineering Daily

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download

    “The main motivation for me was to gain more perspective on the world and my place in it.”

    Michael Rosenthal is a traveling programmer who gave up school and full-time job prospects in the U.S. to travel and freelance.

    This episode is a Christmas special because Michael is my younger brother, and his journey as a developer and a person has been inspiring to me.


    When did you start bitcoin mining?

    Could you describe the transition where you decided to go travel?

    How does the remote job discovery process work?

    Have you ever taken a freelance job that you’ve regretted?

    What do you miss about being home in the States?

    Why did you switch from freelancing to consulting?



    Mango Chomp

    Michael on Twitter

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  7. A16z Podcast: London Calling for Tech Done in a Different Way | Andreessen Horowitz


    If the U.K. is to continue its economic march onward and upward, technology needs to play an increasing role, say Martha Lane Fox (that’s Baroness of Soho Lane-Fox in more public settings) and Russell Davies in this segment of the pod … another one of our on-the-road a16z podcasts from London.

    But it can’t just be the same apps and software solutions that are coming out of Silicon Valley, say these two European tech veterans (Lane Fox is a web entrepreneur and on the boards of multiple tech companies and open data initiatives, while Davies is a writer and digital strategist). The U.K. needs to do things differently to create and maintain an edge against all the tech powers around the globe. Lane Fox and Davies describe what a bright tech future could look like — a lot more women in the industry, for starters — and how it might differ from, and compete with, the best around the world.



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  8. Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan : Episode 168: Jessica’s Castle Expanse

    Mo and Ryan return with another hour of TV analysis.

    0:00 - 24:37:  Jessica Jones

    24:37 - 38:16: The Expanse

    38:16 - End: The Man In the High Castle

    Be sure to subscribe to the new feed for the podcast here if you like to listen on iTunes. You’ll see plenty of ways in each post to stream or download MP3s if you hate iTunes. You can also subscribe on Stitcher if you like. Options abound.

    Also, we have an email for the podcast now! Click here to email us questions for future podcasts.


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    With Special Guest MERLIN MANN

    Dearest Listeners,

    The Faculty and Staff of The Chapter Titles Were So Good insists that you acknowledge TCTWSG: THE MOVIE: THE PRI3NER OF A3KABAN. This nominally “special” film discussion has been forged in the flames of the love we bear for our Patreon supporters. If you would like to burn alongside them (burn like in our hearts, not burn like dying), you can do so by clicking here.

    In which Buckbeak is a very gifted horse, and Dumbledore just plays it off legit.

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    You may also wish to peruse our discussions of the first and fourth movies.

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  10. Featuring William Gibson | Hazlitt

    Living among the ruins of past futures with William Gibson.


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