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  1. mathowie / Matt

  2. danrubin / Dan Rubin

    Google "Dan Rubin" and most of what you'll see is me.

  3. iamdanw / Dan W

    I like to make things

  4. hughgarry / Hugh Garry

    I do interesting digital things for Radio 1

  5. vanderwal / Thomas Vander Wal

    A guy who questions most everything with a first impression of, 'this can't be right'

  6. merlinmann / hotdogsladies

    I’m Merlin, and I make my living at sea, catching wild dolphin fish and tracking the elusive “Sa…

  7. jonasnockert / Jonas Nockert

  8. andybudd / Andy Budd

    I run a small design consultancy in Brighton with a few of my friends. I really enjoy my work as it …

  9. marshallkirkpatrick / Marshall Kirkpatrick

    I love HuffDuffer! Love it!

  10. beautifulcode / Aaron

    Developer in Calgary, Canada. Interested in Ruby, Rails, JS, CSS, HTML, iPhone Dev, Startups, Soft…

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