Refuting Eric Weinstein’s and Stephen Wolfram’s Theories of Everything | Scott Aaronson & Tim Nguyen

Computer scientist Scott Aaronson and mathematician and AI researcher Timothy Nguyen discuss Eric Weinstein's and Stephen Wolfram's recent proposals at a "Theory of Everything".

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00:05 : What Aaronson and Nguyen have in common 01:08 : Aaronson: "I've met Eric Weinstein" 02:16 : Aaronson's review of Wolfram's "New Kind of Science" 05:26 : Bell's inequality and entanglement 09:56 : "Free Will Theorem" 11:08 : quantum randomness, Ethereum, and proof of stake 13:13 : a phone call from Stephen Wolfram 15:28 : Aaronson on the response paper to Eric Weinstein's "Geometric Unity" 16:25 : Brian Keating and experimental tests of Theories of Everything 17:02 : Aaronson on the tragedy of Wolfram 19:21 : quantum cellular automata, Loop Quantum Gravity, string theory, quantum computing 21:31 : Eric Weinstein and Brian Keating's Clubhouse response and Theo Polya's anonymity 23:00 : Aaronson: Accountability and when anonymity does and does not matter

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