The cell programming revolution – with Mark Kotter

Neurosurgeon and stem cell biologist Mark Kotter reveals how he and his colleagues made some of the first major breakthroughs in cell therapy. Watch the Q&A here:

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Scientists are embarking on a biological version of the digital revolution. Until recently, controlling the mechanisms within cells—how they develop and change—was out of reach. But now biologists are finding ways to reprogramme cells at the genetic level, giving them access to the entire operating system of life.

Success is going to require collaboration across biology, computer science, physics and mathematics. The huge rewards will include extending our lifespans, curing a range of debilitating ailments and giving birth to a whole new generation of technology.

This talk took place in in collaboration with the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences and

Dr Mark Kotter is a doctor, scientist, and serial entrepreneur. As a neurosurgeon, he treats patients with spinal cord injury. Mark is best known for discovering the importance of macrophages for brain regeneration, which led to the first regenerative medicine trial for degenerativ…

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