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  1. Palladium Podcast 79: Eron Wolf on the Evolution of Computing

    Eron Wolf joins Wolf Tivy to discuss alternative computing and the trappings of the streamlined user experience.

    As computing technology has become more widespread, the possibilities it offers the user have been narrowed. DRM restrictions, software bloat, and “appification” have made tinkering more difficult. Attempts at fixing this, such as the open-source software movement, have not been able to halt the trend. How can it be done differently?

    Eron Wolf is the Software Author at FUTO, an organization dedicated to improving tech sovereignty for the user. He founded Yahoo! Games and was a seed investor for Whatsapp. He tweets @eron_wolf.

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  2. Moment #8: Dame Stephanie Shirley on ERNIE: the first lottery computer

    We’re back for moment 8! This week Sue is joined by philanthropist, champion of women and one of the most legendary women in tech, ever – Dame Stephanie (Steve) Shirley. Listen in as Sue finds out more about Steve’s fascinating work on ERNIE and her incredible story, overcoming stereotypes and many barriers to create a women-centred business on her dining room table that became an organisation worth $3bn.

    Quentin looks at how these special purpose computers have impacted our lives in so many ways including cyber security, while Kaal explains why these numbers aren’t truly random and what we can expect in the future as innovation continues.

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  3. Quanta Magazine: Will the James Webb Space Telescope Reveal Another Earth?

    The space telescope is one of the most ambitious scientific projects ever undertaken. Marcia Rieke and Nikole Lewis, two of the scientists leading JWST investigations, talk to Steven Strogatz about how it may transform our understanding of the universe.

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  4. Fire Draw Near Episode XXXIII

    This episode concentrates on recent releases that have come under my radar over the last while as well as some Anne Briggs and Moldy Peaches thrown in for good measure. Concertina, mandolin, guitar, voice, fiddle, bronze age horns, chest rattling bass, dulcimer, drums and more!!!


    Cormac Begley – To War Ye Vagabonds – The Humours of Glin Ye Vagabonds – Go Away and Come Back Hither Bryony Griffith and Alice Jones – Wanton Lasses Pity Her Mary Grace Autum Lee – Carolan’s Cup Jrpjej - Koje Berdykuo Mykhamety Igybz Anne Briggs – The Recruited Collier An Galar Dubh – Cónocht Dulcidrone – Gauze Like Mama’s Broke – Narrow Line The Moldy Peaches – Steak for Chicken Cormac Begley - Rolling in the Barrel / O’Neill’s March / Tralee Jail

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  5. We Are The Makers episode 5 // Michael Keegan-Dolan // Choreographer

    Hot on the heels of The Dance, Pat Collins’ masterful documentary on the same subject, Episode Five of We Are The Makers takes a deep-dive into the making of a contemporary theatrical masterpiece, Mám, by choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan, which premiered at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2019.

    Our host Dónal Dineen travels to the West Kerry home of Keegan-Dolan’s company Teac Damsa (house of dance or a place for dancing) and the base for both the production and the origin of the story itself. ‘Mám is abstract and instinctive… it effectively plays out a story of modernity intruding on traditional life’ (the Guardian).

    This episode traces the acclaimed choreographer’s singular creative journey on a passion project which has intricately woven classical music with contemporary dance practice into the rich tapestry of traditional culture out of which it emerges. We hear in detail about how the unique musical collaboration at the heart of the production between West Kerry concertina player Cormac Begley and Berlin classical collective Stargaze, evolved and achieved concord under Keegan-Dolan’s hand. We discover the origins of his belief in dance as the art of transformation and the evolution of his practice to this point of true expression.

    The investigation is timely as Mám is set to return to the Irish stage for an autumn tour. The production was universally praised upon its debut at the 2019 Dublin Theatre Festival and has since been rapturously received at both Madrid’s Teatros Del Canal and Sadler’s Wells in London. A graduate of the Central Ballet School in London, Keegan-Dolan has overseen productions at the English National Opera, The National Theatre in London and the Bavarian State Opera as well as a string of ground-breaking shows as artistic director of the Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre.

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  6. Bruce Springsteen - Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond -

    Bruce Springsteen is a national treasure. Since his debut album nearly 50 years ago, Springsteen has helped define the American working-class psyche through a collection of world-renowned hit songs. In this interview with Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin, Bruce talks about how listening to Born To Run 45 years after it was released made him realize just how good he really is. He also talks about how his Irish and Italian sides physically manifest into songs, and how he recorded his stellar new album, Letter To You, live with the E Street Band in just four days.

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  7. Neil Young, Part Two - Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond -

    Welcome to part two of Rick Rubin’s conversation with Neil Young. Today we’ll hear how Neil’s song “I Believe In You” from his 1970 masterpiece After the Gold Rush inspired a mystical experience for Rick. Neil also talks about recording After the Gold Rush and the parallels between that album and his latest release, Barn. And, Neil explains why he started writing and recording music around the cycles of the moon, and his massive archive of unreleased material that spans several decades.

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