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  1. Dave Winer on The Open Web, Blogging, Podcasting and More | Internet History Podcast

    Dave Winer has been called the godfather of a lot of things. The godfather of blogging. The Godfather of Podcasting. One of the key people involved in the development of RSS. But as you’ll hear in this great and wide ranging chat, Dave Winer is just a software developer who has never stopped tinkering, never lost his interest in coming up with new tools and new technologies. Dave was kind enough to sit down and go over his whole career, from the very earliest days of the PC era, to the present day.

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  2. How the Irish created the great wines of Bordeaux (and elsewhere)

    I confess, quaffing a Lynch-Bages or a snifter of Hennessy, I have wondered how it is that such fine upstanding Irish names come to be associated with cognac and claret. There my wonderings ended, until a recent visit to Ireland, where, in Cork and Kinsale, I found answers. Starting in the 17th century an intrepid band of Irish emigrants set out first for France, then the rest of Europe, and ultimately almost anywhere wines are made. And almost everywhere they went, the Irish diaspora had an impact on wine-making that belies the idea that the Irish know only about beers.

    The story is a complex one, built on tarriff wars, free trade and political union, with a touch of religious persecution thrown in for good measure.

    Sound familiar?

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  3. BBC Radio 4 - Food Programme, New Wine Generation

    Sheila Dillon uncovers the new ways of drinking, selling and writing about wine.

    There’s a revolution happening in the world of wine. While tradition once dictated the way things were done, a new generation of wine drinkers are shaking things up - in the way it’s sold, consumed and written about - with the intention of shaking off the fustiness and perceived snobbery. Not only is there a new attitude about what’s deemed good but there’s an openness to alternative production methods and artisanal producers. Sheila Dillon asks if the underground movement we saw towards craft beers and ciders and specialist coffees is now being witnessed in the world of wine.

    Dan Keeling of Noble Rot magazine argues this movement echoes indie labels in the music scene in which he started before immersing himself in wine writing. Award-winning sommelier Charlotte Sager-Wilde explains how trying to train up on wines while earning a small salary working in hospitality led her and her husband to a new model of wine bar - selling good wines by the glass rather than the bottle and training staff to share ideas with the curious rather than look down their noses. Meanwhile Peter Honegger has started his own wine store - while still a student - selling Austrian wines from niche producers who weren’t being stocked elsewhere. Meanwhile we hear about the new tech which is enabling wine enthusiasts to gen up on wines and form their own opinions and ask is branding is putting style over substance.

    Sheila Dillon asks if the slow moving world of wine is seeing its own revolution and if these new ideas can open the world of wine to more enthusiasts.


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  4. Blending Red Wine With Porter Ale: A Crossover Beer Worth The Buzz? : The Salt : NPR

    Two of mankind’s oldest beverages are being mashed together in a new generation of brews. These beer-wine blends, boasting layered, complex flavors, are part of a broader trend of experimentation, as craft brewers seek to distinguish themselves in a crowded field.

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  5. My blogging story by Dave Winer

    Justin Hall of asked me to do an audio recording about blogging.

    I answered some of his questions, but as usual, talked mostly about what I wanted to.

    Which is a big part of the blogging story imho.

    Here’s the audio, 24 minutes, hope you enjoy.

    PS: This also to adds to the thread started by Walter Isaacson about the origins of the Internet.

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  6. How NOT to be a wine wanker

    If you’ve ever felt overawed, or even irritated, by someone’s endless knowledge of wine then this night of mythbusting will help get your own back.

    There’s no mistaking someone who loves to show off their wine knowledge. The vintage, the terroir, the way the winemaker parts their hair.

    These ‘wine wankers’ will snuffle and snort and pontificate their way through social occasions and explain at cellar doors how the wine could have been made differently.

    Miss Pearls knows only too well. She used to sell wine at cellar doors and come face to face with these ‘experts’.

    Bar manager Miss Pearls and sommelier Dan Sims turn those pretensions on their head with a hugely successful dissertation and imbibing session called ‘How Not to Drink Wine Like a Wanker’ which has enjoyed a sold-out season on top of a building during the 20th Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

    Participants, most of them women, learn how to taste and appreciate wine without boring others and get the chance to sample a range of reds, whites and champagne.

    It all ends with Miss Pearls taking to a bottle of champers with a bayonet, in a glorious moment of French excess called sabrage!

    On the way Dan and Miss Pearls debunk some old expectations of the vino, and explain there’s no stupid question when asking about what you’d like to drink.

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  7. The Wine Programme

    Provenance and pleasure, history and health - Radio 4’s weekly look at food. Making sense of food, from the kitchen and canteen, to the farm and factory. We place food in its historical and cultural context; call to account policy makers and industry decision makers; and celebrate the sheer pleasure of good food.

    Simon Parkes reports from the London International Wine fair to discover the latest trends in the wine industry.

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