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  1. 47: Sara Soueidan - Ditching Icon Fonts for SVG | Full Stack Radio

    In this episode, Adam talks to Sara Soueidan about the benefits of using SVG over icon fonts, and the best workflow for using SVG in your projects.

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  2. Hardcore History 55 - Blueprint for Armageddon VI - Dan Carlin

    It’s been a war of gambling for the Germans, but by 1918 they find themselves with a window of opportunity. They have knocked Serbia, Romania and Russia out of the war in successive years. They (and their Austro-Hungarian allies) bloody the lip of the Italians in late 1917. In 1918 they are able to turn nearly their full might against the Allied-Entente forces on the Western Front.

    If they can smash their opponents in France before American numbers become overwhelming they can perhaps force a pro-German peace on Britain, France, the U.S. and the rest of the allies.

    The “Multi-Punch combination” thrown by the Germans starting on March 21st 1918 is known by a variety of names, perhaps most commonly “The 1918 Spring Offensive”. But there’s nothing “common” about it. It will include some of the most nasty battles in history and will give the Allies several “soil your underpants” moments right from the very start.

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  3. 4: The Clock of The Long Now by Stewart Brand | @castig

    Part Four.

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  4. 3: The Clock of The Long Now by Stewart Brand | @castig

    Part Three.

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  5. 2: The Clock of The Long Now by Stewart Brand | @castig

    Part Two.

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  6. 1: The Clock of The Long Now by Stewart Brand | @castig

    Part One

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  7. BBC Radio 4 - A Point of View, Star Wars Obsession

    Helen Macdonald has made her name writing about nature and birds of prey. So why has she become so fascinated with the recent Star Wars movie that she’s been to see it six times? In her first "A Point of View" she tries to get to the bottom of her obsession and wonders whether it’s all down to nostalgia or something else.

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  8. 30 Years After Explosion, Challenger Engineer Still Blames Himself : The Two-Way : NPR

    Bob Ebeling, an anonymous source for NPR’s 1986 report on the disaster, tells NPR that despite warning NASA of troubles before the launch, he believes God "shouldn’t have picked me for that job."

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  9. BBC Radio 3 - Sound of Cinema, Movie Sagas

    With the latest instalment of Peter Jackson’s Tolkien-inspired films launched on Friday - "The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies", Matthew Sweet looks at film music and sagas. The programme features music from "Harry Potter"; "The Twilight Saga"; "The Godfather"; "Ocean’s Eleven"; "Three Colours Blue"; "From Russia With Love"…… and "The Hobbit".

    Composer Howard Shore talks about the twenty hours or more of music he has composed for the Tolkien films.

    The Classic Score of the Week is John Williams’s "Star Wars".

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  10. DP/30: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Lucasfilm VFX Supervisors

    Much of what you saw in Star Wars: The Force Awakens was done in camera… and a lot wasn’t. Meet Roger Guyett (VFX Supervisor) and Patrick Tubach (VFX Supervisor), who headed the digital team on this film at Industriual Light & Magic. They talk to David Poland about bringing this landmark series back to life.

    The Star Wars On-Set FX Team:

    Shot in Los Angeles, January 2106

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