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  1. 035: With Brad Frost - ShopTalk

    This week we were joined by Brad Frost, a web designer and developer who is doing a lot these days for the responsive web design movement. He’s created things like Mobile Web Best Practices and This Is Responsive.

    We talk about (roughly in order):

    Q & A

    • What are our go-to WordPress plugins? (these)
    • Life beyond the final breakpoint
    • Isn’t adaptive design better?
    • How do you deal with a grid when you start with mobile first?
    • Ems, rems, percentages, etc. in responsive design, including media queries. (Link about using em’s for breakpoints)
    • What is a good UI/UX conference to go to?
    • How do you deal with the “view desktop version | view mobile version” thing?
    • Who’s responsive design would be better? Batman or Flash?

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  2. Brad Frost on The Non-Breaking Space Show

    The Non-Breaking Space Show is a podcast by Christopher Schmitt, Dave McFarland, Chris Enns interviewing the best and brightest of the web.

    Brad is a mobile web strategist and front-end designer at the digital advertising agency R/GA in New York. He’s also the creator of a Mobile Web Best Practices site, and one of the creative minds behind and

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  3. Selling the Mobile Web

    Everyone is screaming "We need to be on mobile!" What does that even mean? Where do you start? One of the biggest challenges of the mobile web is getting clients, coworkers and stakeholders on board and actually execute a project the right way. The hurdles are many: lack of understanding of the medium, small budgets, outdated processes and many more. Every organization is different so changing existing behaviors and processes takes a lot of effort, patience and time.

    This presentation will show you how to execute a mobile web project successfully with a cross-disciplinary team. We’ll provide a set of helpful tools and practices to get you started and help educate your coworkers and clients at the same time.

    Presented by Brad Frost & Jack Bishop at the September 2011 Breaking Development Conference held in Nashville, TN.

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