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  1. Okkervil River: Tiny Desk Concert : NPR

    The band performs three songs from The Silver Gymnasium, a record inspired by the childhood of 37-year-old singer-songwriter Will Sheff. He grew up a bespectacled, crooked-toothed redhead in the small New Hampshire town of Meriden, and the songs here reflect those experiences.

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  2. Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill: Tiny Desk Concert : NPR

    Put aside your notion of Irish music as a bunch of familiar jigs and reels, and just listen. Martin Hayes plays his fiddle with an exquisite touch and tone, as well as a magnificent sense of melody and rhythm that never ceases to astonish. Guitarist Dennis Cahill provides delicate support.

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  3. Joe Boyd And Robyn Hitchcock: Tiny Desk Concert : NPR

    Boyd’s name popped up on countless records in the 1960s and ’70s: Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention, Nick Drake. Joined by singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock, Boyd reads from his book, White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s, while Hitchcock performs songs from or inspired by the era.

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  4. Steve Earle: Tiny Desk Concert : NPR

    Earle has lived through the sort of horrors that have launched a million country songs: addiction, affliction, heartbreak, even prison. He wears them in his voice, but what’s most appealing about him is the wide-eyed, unmistakable fearlessness with which he goes about his life these days.

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