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  1. Babbage: Pioneers of the WWW | Babbage from Economist Radio on acast

    Kenneth Cukier gets in the Babbage time machine and travels to 1989, when Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote the famous memo that laid the foundations for the world wide web. Kenn speaks to some of the other key figures that influenced its invention, like Ted Nelson and Vint Cerf, and then asks what the WWW might look like in the future.

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  2. Keynote Address: Tim Berners-Lee —€“ Re-decentralizing the web - some strategic questions

    Tim Berners-Lee Keynote: "Re-decentralizing the web - some strategic questions"

    Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989. He founded and Directs the World Wide Consortium (W3C) the forum for technical development of the Web.

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  3. Tech Weekly: Sir Tim Berners Lee on free data and the BBC’s Virtual Revolution

    The latest episode of Tech Weekly welcomes Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who helped launch the government’s new open data project, Charles Arthur, Bobbie Johnson and Aleks Krotoski discuss the implications and the future of this important and exciting new initiative.

    Then Charles and Bobbie mutiny, turning the spotlight on Aleks, who presents Virtual Revolution, a major new BBC2 documentary series about the social history of the web starting this Saturday. Charles digs deeper into the making of the show, asking the series’ multiplatform producer Dan Gluckman why the BBC was so keen to make the development of the four films open and collaborative.

    There’s wild speculation about the big announcement from Apple taking place this week, and more analysis of the escalating China-US internet freedom conflict.


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