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  1. Understanding the Web with Jeremy Keith | The Web Ahead

    The web is being compared to "native" a lot these days, with some even declaring the web dead. But what are the strengths web? What does it do that native can’t touch? What is it we are making when we are creating something of the web? Jeremy Keith joins Jen Simmons to articulate how to understand and appreciate the web.

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  2. Progressive Enhancement with Aaron Gustafson | The Web Ahead

    Progressive Enhancement is a core principle of the web. But these days it seems a lot of folks don’t quite understand what it’s about. Aaron Gustafson joins Jen Simmons to break it down, and explain why and how your website should be built using the principles of Progressive Enhancement.

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  3. Remembering the Everyday Developer with Rachel Andrew | The Web Ahead

    An inordinate amount of attention is being paid these days to complex tools chains, JavaScript frameworks, and the assumption that the web is an application platform. Has the web actually been taken over by this one flavor of site? Aren’t we getting off-track when we act like nothing else exists anymore? What about the everyday developer? Rachel Andrew joins Jen Simmons to discuss.

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  4. Archiving The Internet with Jason Scott on The Web Ahead

    The Internet Archive is a treasure trove of digitized culture — films, software, audio, websites and more. How it it being collected, and how might the Internet Archive be our best hope for preserving the history of this era, as we invent the web? Jason Scott joins Jen Simmons to talk about the challenges of archiving in the digital age.

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  5. The Web Ahead #89: Responsible Responsive Design with Scott Jehl

    It’s clear that responsive web design is the way to build a website in today’s crazy world of mobile devices, but what’s the best way to do so, and still end up with a site that’s fast and snappy? Scott Jehl joins Jen Simmons to tell us about the latest in how to do RWD right.

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