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  1. 018: The Beauty Of Simplicity with David Demaree – User Defenders : UX Design Podcast

    David Demaree reminds us of the value of simplicity, brevity, and editing. He encourages us to know who are users are and where they’re coming from. He inspires us not to get too wrapped up into the closeness of our own material and not take the criticism of our work too personally. He also teaches us the importance of staying in touch with the community and to read as much as we can.

    David Demaree is a software maker, speaker and blogger. He’s the author of newly released A Book Apart published, Git for Humans. He’s a product manager, designer and web developer for everyone’s favorite groundbreaking font-service software, Adobe Typekit. He’s one of the lucky ones who can say he works really close to a great coffee place…called his kitchen.

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  2. Craft, Parenting and Cheese with Jon Hicks – Episode 29 « Creatiplicity

    I’ve been reading the journal of Jon Hicks for about seven years, so it was an absolute pleasure to have him join for an episode. We talked design, parenting, co-working and cheese. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

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  3. Craig Mod – Episode 16 « Creatiplicity

    Episode 16 — my favorite number. And this show featured a conversation with one of my favorite writers. It was a privilege to have a talk with Craig Mod, our guest for this week. Craig is a designer, but also a writer and a thinker. Read any of the pieces linked to below and you’ll get what I mean.

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  4. A Chat with Frank Chimero – Episode 24 « Creatiplicity

    I finally had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Frank Chimero. It was a fun conversation and you can see why he’s a good writer — he’s simply a good communicator. He has the ability to articulate his thoughts in speech as well as the written word. Enjoy the show.

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