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  1. Bruce Sterling at Reboot (Scripting News)

    Bruce Sterling gave a wonderful talk at the Reboot Conference this summer in Copenhagen. At the beginning of the talk I wanted to strangle him, but as it progressed, it made more and more sense. By the end I thought it was one of the best speeches I’d ever heard, a story that I think everyone should hear. I’ve made an MP3 of his talk because I want to make it available to people in my family as a podcast. I hope Bruce and the people at Reboot don’t mind.

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  2. Episode 03-Every Tuesday at Nine |

    It’s Springtime in Boston. And this month’s episode is a fresh invitation to connect with people, and emerge from Winter!

    John Williams and Amy Shoemaker

    I chat with Tina Lech in Boston, John Williams in Chicago, Eoin O’Neill in Clare, and Brian Conway in White Plains, NY about the sessions they lead. I learn how each player runs these distinct weekly music gatherings–and what Irish music means to them, and the listeners who come each week.

    And trust me: whether you already play the accordion, or you’ve never been to an Irish session in your life, the story here goes way beyond a few tunes in a pub.

    I hope you’ll join me as I try to decode what sessions are all about. My conversations with the session leaders–and with Boston producer Brian O’Donovan, fiddle teacher Laurel Martin, and flute players Melissa Foster and Scott Boag opened my mind and my heart. There’s plenty of music heres, too.

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  3. The Wednesday Session | shmu

    The Wednesday Session - jointly hosted by local musicians Kenny Hadden and Colin Edwards – will bring you the best of traditional and contemporary folk music.

    The programme will include music and songs from the traditions of Scotland, England, Ireland, and also much further afield.

    We’ll keep you informed about local events, and occasionally have live guests in the studio to talk about their music. Look up The Wednesday Session at SHMU on Facebook.

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  4. An Irish Musical Tradition

    Irish “sessions” are intimate group performances that take place in pubs all over New York City. Based in the traditional Irish “seisiún,” these informal musical gatherings feature jigs, reels, hornpipes, and the occasional waltz. Writer and Vogue contributing editor Robert Sullivan and writer-musician Larry Kirwan of the Irish rock band Black 47 explain the history and vibrant present of the tradition.

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  5. Radio Ballad #2: The Session

    In Radio Ballad #2 we explore the mysterious Irish music ‘Session’ - what’s really going on between the musicians, why do the tunes all have multiple names, and is an audience really necessary to a good session or not?

    Featuring interviews with the Morro Bay Irish Session, a group of musicians who have been meeting every week in Central California for 12 years to play tunes and enjoy the ‘craic.’

    Find a session near you—wherever you are in the world—at


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  6. Bat For Lashes

    Brighton, UK based singer/songwriter/keyboardist Natasha Kahn (aka Bat For Lashes) graces the KEXP studio with a beautifully spacious stripped-down set featuring songs from her sophomore release "Two Suns". Recorded on 2009-06-10. 4 Songs:

    1. Glass,
    2. Moon and Moon,
    3. Daniel,
    4. Tahiti.

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  7. Hayden in session

    Toronto tunesmith Hayden performs in studio, backed by members of Cuff the Duke, Hayden sings about break ups and the place where he lived.

    1. When and Where
    2. Home by Saturday
    3. In Field and Town
    4. Barely Friends
    5. Let’s Break Up
    6. Did I Wake Up Beside You
    7. Dynamite Walls

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