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  1. BBC Radio 4 - The Kitchen Cabinet, Series 12, Brighton

    Jay Rayner hosts the culinary panel programme from Brighton.

    This week’s panel includes the experimental food psychologist Professor Charles Spence, DIY cooking expert Tim Hayward, top chef Sophie Wright, and the singer-turned-cook Andi Oliver.

    They discuss all things 1970s - prawn cocktails, vol-au-vents, fondues - as well as the legacy of Marguerite Patten.

    Also, the panel delve into the grand kitchen of George IV at the Royal Pavilion and they experiment with the role smell plays in eating.

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  2. Kitchen Cabinet: Oxford

    Jay Rayner hosts a new food panel show. Every week the expert team visit a different interesting food location in the UK and answer cooking questions from a live audience.

    In a food science special, the experimental psychologist Professor Charles Spence discusses the relationship between food perception and taste. The panel tests the effects of cutlery on our taste buds, and we ask whether Margaret Thatcher was really responsible for soft-scoop ice cream. We find out whether the panel members believe they are better cooks than their mothers, ask how not to commit a sausage faux pas, and question why the British have a peculiar love for Marmalade.

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  3. 70Decibels - The Sci-Fi Cast - 004 - The Geek To Beat

    Welcome to episode 004, which is actually a rebroadcast of episode 050. In this very special celebratory episode, we abandon the usual format and play our own Jeopardy-style sci-fi trivia game, The Geek to Beat! Huge thanks go out to our special guests Mike Rose, Jen Segrest and Kelly Guimont for helping Ged and Dave play two full rounds of our fun game.

    Do you think you know the answers? Listen and find out. This is one you definitely won’t want to miss.

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  4. Food as fine art | PRI’s The World

    In the Geo Quiz, we’re looking for the Moon City. So where is it? For starters it’s not on the moon. Rather it’s in Cundinamarca, one of the 30 or so states that make up Colombia. Cundinamarca is near the center of Colombia, its capital is the mega city of Bogotá.

    So the town we’re looking for is just a several miles north of Bogotá. It’s name derives from the Chibchan language, though it’s not a language you’re likely to hear – because it’s considered extinct. It was once spoken by the South American Indians who lived near Bogotá before the Spanish conquest – but the Chibchan word for “moon” is the name of the town we’re after. These days, some might just call this town “carne.”

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