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  1. Breaker: No, You Go - All In with Leah Culver

    We made it to Episode 10, y’all! That’s a wrap on Season 1!

    Who better to close out our first season than an engineer, entrepreneur, and general superstar we’ve loved for, like, a full decade? Yep, our guest today is Leah Culver, the co-founder and CTO of Breaker, a social podcast app that we’ve all just started using (if you have an iPhone, check it out. Android is coming soon).

    I can only do the things I can do. I can keep trying to get better, but I can’t beat myself up about not being like someone else. I just have to sort of be myself and work with what I have and take it to that—that next step.

    —Leah Culver, CTO, Breaker

    But Breaker’s not the first startup Leah’s co-founded—in fact, Jenn fell hard for her very first company, Pownce, a microblogging platform that launched way back in 2007. We talk about that journey, plus:

    The future of podcasting—like Chompers, a podcast on Alexa kids can brush their teeth to.

    Women in tech, women in podcasting, and the fact that more women than ever are listening to podcasts, according to the 2017 podcast consumer report from Edison Research.

    Financing a new laptop as a young programmer by selling laser-etched advertising on it back in 2006.

    Getting into Y Combinator, an accelerator program for early-stage startups.

    What Leah’s listening to right now (it’s Modern Love, which you can get on Breaker, of course).

    Interviewing for 30 jobs, what a company’s snacks say about its culture, and why Leah wants you to stop judging her love for Diet Coke.

    Also on the agenda: letting people carry things for you (literally and figuratively), peeing with your therapist (no, really), and all the “tiny revelations” we’ve had this season.

    Thanks so much for joining us for Season 1! We’re taking a couple weeks off, but we’ll be back strong with Season 2 starting April 17. In the meantime, make sure to sign up for the new NYG Newsletter, coming April 20.


    Katel LeDû Shopify is on a mission to make commerce better for everyone. In fact, they’re the leading global commerce for entrepreneurs. And did you know that they’re hiring? That’s right! And they don’t just want you to apply to them, they want to apply to you. Join a diverse, intelligent, and motivated team where you’ll get shit done. Visit to see what they’re talking about.

    Jenn Lukas Welcome to No, You Go, the show about being ambitious—and sticking together. I’m Jenn Lukas.

    KL I’m Katel LeDû.

    Sara Wachter-Boettcher And I’m Sara Wachter-Boettcher.

    JL Hey! It’s Season 1 finale time! How did we make it through 10 episodes? Well it certainly helps to be working on something that we all love. That concept’s no stranger to our guest today, founder Leah Culver, currently CTO of Breaker, a social podcast app. We’ll also talk about tech today versus 10 years ago, using an accelerator application to let you know if you’re ready to leave your job for your startup idea, and the importance and difficulties of self-evaluation. Dun dun dun. But first! How about we check in with ourselves? How y’all doin’, ladies?

    KL Doing alright. Doing good. How about you?

    JL I’m—do you ever feel like sometimes you just sigh? But you know what? I read a study one time that sighing is actually

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  2. Secret Histories of Podcasting | Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

    It turns out there are (at least) three ways to tell the secret history of podcasting: it is a story about technology, it is a story about a business model for audio, and it is also a story about the birth of a new art form. What’s really cool is that the whole thing is sort of a Rashomon narrative – in this special edition to mark the radiotopiaforever campaign your host attempts to tell all three versions using the same people.

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  3. BBC Radio 4 - In Pod We Trust, Podcast Pioneers

    Miranda Sawyer on the agenda-setting podcasters who have broken new ground in the genre.

    Miranda Sawyer with the third episode of her series about the world of podcasts, rounding up some of the best from around the globe. This week: podcast pioneers, the agenda-setting podcasters who have broken new ground in the genre.

    Miranda hears from the creators of Welcome to Night Vale, who talk about their perhaps unlikely surrealist pod hit.

    The programme also features Wendy Zukerman’s Australian-based science podcast Science Vs, recently bought up by Gimlet Media, an increasingly powerful new media player in the burgeoning podcasting market.

    Ben Hammersley, internet technologist and journalist, and the man who invented the word "podcast" guests.

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  4. BBC Radio 4 - In Pod We Trust, Stories from the Heart

    Miranda Sawyer explores personal storytelling with podcasters Anna Sale and Lea Thau.

    Miranda Sawyer continues her exploration into the world of podcasts by rounding up some of the best from around the globe.

    This week’s programme features personal storytelling concerning issues which some of us find it hard to talk about: love, sex, family and money. Matters of the heart.

    Guests include Anna Sale, creator and host of New York-based podcast, "Death, Sex and Money", and Lea Thau, who documented her own love life in a series for Los Angeles-based Strangers podcast "Love Hurts".

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  5. BBC Radio 4 - In Pod We Trust, Welcome to Podland

    Miranda Sawyer presents a new, stylish round-up of the best and most memorable podcasting from around the world.

    There’s been an explosion in the profusion and quality of podcasts, plus a new public awareness after the breakthrough moment in 2014 with Serial. Suddenly, podcasts have become cool.

    There are now more than 100,000 English speaking podcast feeds worldwide covering everything from science to sport to every conceivable niche. Last year, there were 165 million podcasts downloaded just from BBC Radio 4 programmes alone, and the trend is seemingly ever upwards. But is this a bubble or is podcasting set to take its place alongside TV and radio as a long-term media genre?

    British podcaster Helen Zaltzman guests in this first episode which explores the genre, plays some great podcasts and asks why it’s taken off in such a big way.

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  6. Start Up #2 Is Podcasting the Future or the Past?

    Dreaming big is harder than you’d think.

    Alex prepares to go back out to California for a redo. He practices his pitch with his wife and his friend Josh. He adds impressive sounding audience numbers, because, as a friend tells him, no one wants to hear a story about Odysseus going to the corner store. He meets Chris Sacca’s partner, Matt Mazzeo, in the lobby of the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills. Matt used to work at CAA, where he helped launch He tells Alex that one of the site’s first videos, was the legendary Will Ferrell viral video The Landlord.

    Alex’s pitch goes better this time around. And Matt likes it. But he wants Alex to change it. Alex should be going for bigger audiences. He should choose a new name. And he should come up with a whole new way of distributing the content, a way to replace the podcast entirely. Matt says, “there are a whole bunch of things that are broken” about podcasting, and that Alex “has an opportunity to fix them.” To Alex, it seems like Matt’s saying, he shouldn’t just be building a content company, he should be building a technology company as well.

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  7. Jeremy Keith | SSKTN

    Huffduffer is a great service for podcasters and it happens to be built by one guy – Jeremy Keith. Listeners of SSKTN will know that I, Chris Enns, am a big fan of Huffduffer so I wanted to have Jeremy on to chat about Huffduffer. We talked about where the idea came from, the nerdy origins of the name and ways to help your podcast look better when it gets Huffduff’d.

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  8. Little Atoms 267 —€“ Podcaster Therapy €— Shift Run Stop with Leila Johnston & Roo Reynolds

    This is the third in a series of Little Atoms interviews in which Neil Denny talks to the producers of podcasts he likes about why they do what they do. Call it podcaster therapy! Shift Run Stop is a comedy podcast presented by Leila Johnston and Roo Reynolds and full to the brim with games, geeks and special guests. When not presenting the show, Roo Reynolds works for the Government Digital Service and curates an eclectic series of collections on his blog, while Leila Johnston is the Managing Editor of The Literary Platform, a published author and journalist and blogs at

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