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  1. The Pipeline 12: Liz Danzico

    Dan Benjamin interview Liz Danzico, a designer, educator, editor, and an independent information architecture and user experience consultant. Liz has worked with companies like Barnes & Noble, Happy Cog, Razorfish, and more. She worked with Boxes and Arrows as editor-in-chief for nearly seven years, and was director of experience strategy for AIGA.

    Dan and Liz discuss design, curating, the importance of user experience, writing for the web, inspiration, the future of the web and social networks, and where we’re headed as an online community.

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  2. The Pipeline 10: Gina Trapani

    Dan Benjamin interviews Gina Trapani. Gina is an author, blogger, programmer. We discuss the story and inspiration that lead to the creation Lifehacker (and the “persona” behind it), making the transition from code to writing, the daily grind, deadlines, and posting quotas, Smarterware, Think Tank, her self-publishing experiment, consistency and building traffic, and the importance of having a launchpad.


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  3. The Pipeline 6: Matt Haughey

    Matthew Haughey is a programmer, web designer, and blogger. He is the founder of MetaFilter, the PVRblog, and Fuelly, and is the publisher of the long-running weblog A Whole Lotta Nothing.

    Dan and Matt discuss the MetaFilter community, controlling a website’s growth, starting up a business without taking investment, the recent PVRblog sale, the personal life (or lack thereof) of a developer and community builder, blogging about your personal life, and more.

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  4. The Pipeline 5: Shaun Inman

    Shaun Inman is the creator of Mint, Fever, IFR, and Mimeo and the Kleptopus King, a brand new game for the iPhone.

    Dan and Shaun discuss the creative process, transitioning from a designer to developer to game maker, music, inspiration, building community, and more.

    Duration: 28:25 / Size: 13 MB

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