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  1. Offline Web Experiences with Jeremy Keith «CTRL+CLICK CAST

    Why should we plan for offline? How can service workers help? Developer and author Jeremy Keith dives into the whys and hows of building good offline web experiences.

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  2. Google AMP: The Battle for the Internet’s Soul?

    In this episode, we discuss Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), from the promise of fast loading pages to what you cede to Google when you use it. We cover not just the origins of Google AMP, and how to implement it, but also whether AMP is a good idea from both a practical and philosophical perspective. Is Google AMP evil or awesome? Listen in for our thoughts, and give your perspective in the comments.

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  3. Decoded Chats – Paul Bakaus on AMP | Decoded Blog

    Paul Bakaus (@pbakaus) is the “Voice of Chrome DevTools, AMP and Open Web Games at Google”, was previously the Studio CTO at Zynga and is the creator of jQuery UI. HE blogs at his “sea of ideas” at

    In this edition of Decoded Chats, Chris Heilmann took a whole 50 minutes to take Paul on a deep-dive of Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP – a new and rather creative way to deliver content on mobile devices in a very secure and fast manner. As with every format competing with HTML, this brings a lot of worries and confusion, many of which we discussed here.

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  4. Episode 12 with Marcy Sutton

    On today’s episode we sit down with Marcy Sutton—a senior front end engineer at Deque Systems, where she works on accessibility. We talk about the intersection and differentiations in performance and accessibility. Marcy explains that there’s a huge audience that’s being missed by not making your website accessible.

    Unfortunately, if it’s not something you have a personal connection to, it may not occur to you to think about. We talk about how most companies become interested in accessibility after they suffer a lawsuit, and how Marcy’s teaching us ways we can be proactive instead of reactive. We look at tools on how to make our sites more accessible and who to make them accessible for. We also talk about the metrics to use to measure success and usability.

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